Greetings from the Little School with a Big Heart!

We celebrated the 100th day of school in Walnut Ridge on Friday, February 10, 2017.  Fun was had by all! Here are some pictures of the celebrations throughout the school!

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Introducing our February First-Grade Students of the Month!

Our February First-Grade Students of the Month

Our February First-Grade Students of the Month






Madison: Madison’s nickname is Maddie, her brother, Marc, sister, Samantha, and her parents call her by this name. Madison’s favorite sport is soccer and her favorite food is watermelon. Her favorite singer is Justin Bieber and her favorite book is Winnie the Pooh. Madison’s favorite subject in school is math. Something that Madison wants her teacher, Mrs. Rogers, to know is that she loves to learn new things. When Madison is not in school, she likes to play with her new puppies! This comes with a lot of responsibility and Madison is getting very good at taking care of her new pets. It is not a surprise that Madison wants to become a veterinarian when she grows ups.



Karina: Karina’s nickname is “Gagus”, this is what her parents and her sisters Alexis and Karoline call her. Karina enjoys skiing and eating Polish food. Karina’s favorite book is Sleepy Dog. Her favorite show is Henry Danger. Karina loves art class taught by Mrs. Docherty; it is her favorite subject in school. Something that everyone should know about Karina is that she is a very kind person. During her free time, Karina likes to watch videos on her iPad and on TV. Karina is really good at drawing. Karina hopes to become a teacher when she grows up.



Annelise: Annelise has a unique nickname; it’s “Bubba”! This is what her parents and brothers Austin and Lucas call her at home. Annelise’s favorite sport is football and she loves eating chili. Annelise likes the music of Lady Ga Ga. Annelise’s favorite book is A Big Guy Took My Ball. Annelise likes to watch the TV show “Amazing World of Gumball”. Annelise loves math; this is her favorite subject in school. Something you should know about Annelise is that she is really good at doing gymnastics and she is a Girl Scout, too. When Annelise has some free time, she likes to play on her Nintendo. When Annelise grows up, she hopes to become a veterinarian.



Shea: Shea’s nickname is “Shea-Shea”… this is what her parent and siblings Ellie and Jack call her at home. Shea likes to play basketball and eat pizza. Shea loves listening to the music of Taylor. Shea’s favorite book is The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name. Her favorite TV show is “Sponge Bob”. Shea’s favorite class in school is computers with Mrs. Kellish. Something that makes Shea very special is that she has her own website and blog!! This is a first for a Student of the Month. When Shea is not in school, she likes to play with her brother and sister. Shea is very good at listening; this is what makes her such a special girl. When Shea grows up, she wants to become a teacher like Mrs. Novak.



Adriana: Adriana’s nickname is “Bella”; this is her middle name. Adriana has one brother, Aiden, and one sister, Nataliya. Adriana loves to play soccer and eating mashed potatoes. Adriana’s favorite book is The Three Little Daisies. Her favorite TV show is “My Little Pony”. Adriana’s favorite subject in school is math. Something that Adriana wants her teacher, Mrs. Barone, to know is that she thinks she is the best teacher! Adriana is really good at coloring. When Adriana is not in school, she loves to play and go on trips with her family. When she grows up, it is no surprise that Adriana wants to be a traveler.



August: August’s nickname is Augie; this is what his parents, brother, Miles, and his friends call him. August’s favorite sport is basketball. August enjoys eating salmon, this is one of his favorite foods (this is a first for a student of the month). August’s favorite singer is Louis Armstrong and his favorite book is The Giving Tree. When August has some free time, he likes to watch “Wildcrats” on TV. One of August’s favorite subjects in school is Fundations, his phonics class. Something that you should know about August is that he likes to write multiplication tables, he knows them up to 10 x 10…wow!! When August is not in school, he likes to play games such as Monopoly and Battleship; those are just some of his favorites. August is really good at reading “Stink” books; those are his favorites to read. When August grows up, he wants to become a builder and an architect (like his mom).



Liliana: Liliana’s nickname is “LuLu”; it’s what her parents and sister, Sophia call her. Liliana’s favorite sport is softball. Liliana’s favorite food is made by her “Nona”- it’s spaghetti and meatballs! Liliana enjoys the music of Lady Ga Ga. Her favorite book is Walter the Farting Dog. Liliana loves the TV show, “Alvin and the Chipmunks”.  Liliana’s favorite subject is school is math; she is very good in this subject! Something that Liliana wants her teacher, Mrs. Battista, to know is that she loves her! When Liliana is not in school, she enjoys her time with her grandmother (probably to have her spaghetti and meatballs!) and she likes to play with her toys. When Liliana grows up, she hopes to become a teacher.



Dominic: Dominic has one younger sister named Amelia. Dominic’s favorite sport is basketball and his favorite food is chicken nuggets. Dominic likes the music from Kids Bop. Dominic likes the Fly Guy series. Dominic likes to watch “Teen Titans Go” on TV. Dominic likes his library and math class the best in school. Something you should know about Dominic is that he likes Star Wars and Pokémon. When Dominic is not in school, he likes to play video games and have movie night with his family. When Dominic grows up, he hopes to become a paleontologist!



Ethan: Ethan’s nickname given to him by is very big family is “Ethanator”. His parents, siblings Michael, Andrew, Alexander, and Olivia call him this this name. Ethan loves to play baseball. His favorite food is chicken and his favorite singer is Elvis Presley! Ethan likes to read the book Night Animals. Ethan’s favorite subject in school is math, like many other February Students of the Month. Ethan likes to watch “Sponge Bob Square Pants on TV”. Ethan loves to play outside; he also enjoys playing his X-Box and play with his brothers and cousins. Ethan is really good at playing soccer and being a well-behaved person. When Ethan grows up, he wants to become a scientist.



Sean: Sean’s nickname is “Peanut”! It’s what his mom and grandparents call him. Sean loves playing soccer, but he is really good at wrestling. Sean’s favorite food is spaghetti. His favorite singer is Skillet. Sean’s favorite book in the library is Green Eggs and Ham. Sean’s favorite TV show is “WWE”. Sean likes to watch animal shows, he likes cats and birds, and he already knows that 5 x 5 is 25 (he should talk to August)! When Sean is not in school, he likes to play video games. When Sean grows up, he wants to work in a pizza parlor.

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Family Math Night: Get ready for our second night of mathematics fun! We will be hosting the second Family Math Night of the school year on Wednesday,  February 15th from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Click here to register!

February 27th – March 3rd is Love of Reading Week:  If you are interested in purchasing a Dr. Seuss Book please turn in your money and book selection no later than February 15th.  Purchasing information, as well as the “Keep on Reading” song, can be found at:

Click here for the Love of Reading Week Calendar!

Click here for the Fill the Hat activity!

Beyond the Classroom: The Importance of Reading Aloud to Our Childrenplease take a moment to read this informational article on the importance of reading to your child, no matter what age! In the words of Meghan Cox Gurdon, in her Wall Street Journal article “The Great Gift of Reading Aloud,” says that in the not so distant past, reading aloud was the way children fell in love with stories. Enticing storytellers would captivate their listeners as unfolding sentences offered gifts to their imaginations. The child who learned to love stories by hearing them would be a child who would willingly gravitate toward more sophisticated literature on his own. This statement nicely encapsulates the premise of this article. Thank you for taking a moment to read it.

Please note: Our Kindergarten and Preschool Registration for the 2017-2018  is opening soon!  You can find the link on the Walnut Ridge site as well as the main page of the VTSD website. If you happen to have friends or neighbors with young children, please direct them to this link. Kindergarten and Preschool registration will take place at WRPS on Tuesday, March 14th from 4:30-8:00 pm, Thursday, March 16th from4:30-8:00 pm, and Saturday, March 18th from 9:30 am-1:00 pm,  in the all-purpose room.

March SCA Meeting: will be held on Monday, March 6, 2017, at 9:30 am and 6:30 pm, in the all-purpose room. This month, the Center for Prevention and Counseling will be presenting important information to parents of young children. In addition, Mrs. VanVugh will be speaking with all SCA members about our upcoming Senior Citizens Dinner Theater that will be taking place on Wednesday, March 22. All building SCAs will be assisting at this event. Thank you for offering to donate your time to make this dinner theater special for our senior citizens of Vernon!

CPR class is being offered for all Walnut Ridge parents by the Glenwood-Pochuck Volunteer Ambulance Corps on Saturday, March 4, 2017, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. The cost of the training that includes all materials and a certification card is $25.00. Please click here for the flier. Walnut Ridge would like to thank instructors Mr. George Arnot and Mrs. Tammy Benanti for bringing this program to Walnut Ridge parents. 

Our Family Movie Night: will be taking place on Friday, March 10, at 6:30 pm, where we will be showing “Space Buddies”! Please complete the form that was sent home with your child so we will an accurate count of attendees.  

In case you missed it here is our Buddy Bench Movie!

Hallway Highlights!

Walking through the halls of our little school this month there was a tremendous amount of learning taking place! Below are some pictures of different activities that were happening in our classrooms throughout the month!


Mrs. Roger’s Class is having a read aloud on dental health!


Mrs. Gebhardt talking with Mrs. Huche’s class about Literacy in the Media Center.


Mrs. Stefkovich’s class is learning about two digit numbers with ten frames!

Our First-Grade January Students of the Month

Nabil: Nabil’s nickname that his brother, Saleh, and sister, Layla, call him is “Beel”- it’s the ending sound of his name! Nabil loves to wrestle. His favorite food is pizza. Nabil loves the group Queen, especially the song “We Will Rock You”. Nabil loves superheroes; his favorite book is Batman. Nabil’s favorite show is “Steven Universe”. He loves Mrs. Kellish’s computer class; it’s his favorite subject in school. Something that you should know about Nabil is that he is a great helper! Nabil also has the greatest smile and is always so excited to come to school. When Nabil has some free time, he likes to play with his dog. Nabil is really good at coloring. Someday, Nabil hopes to become a builder.

Cayden: Cayden has one brother named Noah. Cayden loves baseball and eating chicken nuggets. Cayden loves reading any Pete the Cat books. He enjoys watching “Scooby Doo” on TV. Cayden’s favorite subject in school is math. Cayden is a very kind student with a warm heart. Cayden wants his teacher, Mrs. Rogers, to know that he really loves being in her class, really likes his classmates, and tries very hard at everything he does. When Cayden is not in school, he likes to wrestle and play baseball. Something Cayden is really good at is being nice to others; it’s a special quality of his. When Cayden grows up, he hopes to the meet the President of the United States.


Nicholas: Nicholas likes to play soccer. His favorite food is pizza with pepperoni and sausage on it. His favorite groups are U2 and Ariana Grande. Nicholas’ favorite book is Green Eggs and Ham. Like so many first-graders, Nicholas loves to watch “Henry Danger” on TV. Nicholas’ favorite subjects in school are reading and writing. Nicholas wants Mrs. Novak to know that he loves being in her class. When Nicholas is not in school, he is a very busy boy, he likes to read, play on his PS4, play laser tag, draw and go to the movies. Nicholas has so many interests and is really good at so many things; he loves art, math and creating things with Legos. When Nicholas grows up, he hopes to become a Veterinarian.


Maddox: Maddox’s nickname, given to him by his parents and brother Trey, is Max. Maddox’s favorite subject is soccer, a popular sport for January’s Students of the Month! Maddox likes soup, it’s his favorite food. Maddox likes the music of Justin Timberlake. Maddox’s favorite book is The Monster at the End of the Book. When Maddox has some free time, he likes to watch “Sponge Bob”. His favorite subject in school is math class; he wants his teacher, Miss White, to know just how much he loves it! When Maddox is not in school, he likes to play with his brother Trey. Maddox is a very kind person, he is really good a sharing with others. When Maddox grows up he hopes to become a dentist.


Hailee: Hailee’s siblings Katy, Danny and Scott call her “Hails”. Hailee’s favorite sport is cheerleading. She loves chicken; it’s her favorite food. Hailee loves listening to Taylor Swift songs. Her favorite TV show is “Full House”. Hailee’s favorite subject is math. Something Haliee wants her teacher, Mrs. Battista, to know is that she really likes school. Hailee likes to play with her American Girl dolls when she is not in school. Hailee likes drawing pictures. Hailee’s goal is to be a teacher when she grows up.


Lilliana: Lilliana’s nickname is Rose. Her sister is Gabby. Lilliana’s favorite sport is soccer. Lilliana loves eating pasta; it’s her most favorite food. Lilliana enjoys listening to the music of Taylor Swift. She enjoys reading Harry Potter books. Lilliana’s favorite TV show is “Kicking It”. Lilliana reports that Mrs. Kellish teaches her favorite subject, computer class. Lilliana loves school so much that when she is home she plays school with her sister Gabby. Lillian is really good at reading; it’s no wonder why she is reading Harry Potter books! When Lilliana grows up, she hopes to become an art teacher like Mrs. Docherty.

Noelle: Noelle’s brother is Noah. Her favorite subject is soccer. Noelle could eat spaghetti all day long, it’s her favorite food. Her favorite singer is Florida Georgia Line. Noelle’s favorite book is Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Noelle likes to watch “Henry Danger” on TV. Noelle’s favorite subject is reading and library/media center class with Mr. Joseph. Something that Noelle would like her teacher, Mrs. Giangrande, is that she loves animals and school. When Noelle is not in school, she likes to play on her Kindle. Noelle is really good at being kind to others. When she grows up, Noelle wants to be a Veterinarian.


Tyler: Tyler’s nickname is “Ty”; his parents and brother, Tommy, have given this name to him. Tyler loves to play basketball and eat pizza; these are two of his favorite things. Tyler loves to listen to the music of Justin Timberlake. Tyler’s favorite book is Ten Apples Up on Top. Tyler watches “Sponge Bob” on TV, it’s his favorite show. Tyler’s favorite subject in school is art taught by Mrs. Docherty. Something that Tyler wants his teacher, Mrs. Barone, to know is that he is a good listener and he loves school. When Tyler is not in school, Tyler likes to hang out and play with his family. Tyler is really good at art and someday hopes to become an artist.


Callie: Callie’s siblings are Jordan, Tyler and Dylan. Callie loves playing soccer, like so many of January Students of the Month. Her favorite food is steak. Callie’s favorite singer is Closer. Her favorite book is If Animals Kissed Good Night. Callie likes to watch “Teen Titans” on TV, another favorite show of first-graders. Callie’s favorite class is with Mrs. Docherty, art class! Something that Callie wants her teacher, Miss Miebach to know is that she tries her best and she loves her! Callie is a busy girl when she’s not in school, she plays on a soccer team, jumps on her trampoline and loves laying in her bean bag chair. Callie is really good at drawing. Callie wants to be a soccer player and a Veterinarian when she grows up.


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