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Replay of the 8th Grade Advancement Ceremony

Below is the full replay of the June 21st 8th Grade Advancement

Narrative Writing Contest

Glen Meadow Middle School is pleased to announce the winners, finalists, and semi-finalists in the first 6th and 7th grade 2018 GMMS Narrative Writing Contest.  


Students selected one of three story starters and authored original narrative pieces over the course of a week, working with literacy coach Mrs. Rostami and language arts teachers: Mrs. Bailey, Mrs. Basso, Mrs. Bookholt, Mrs. Grimaldi, Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Moro, and Mrs. Schmidt.

Semi-finalist stories were initially selected by Language Arts teachers. Then a committee read the stories without student names included and selected the finalists and the winning authors


The story starters came from Scholastic Scope:

  • Getting rich was the last thing on my mind.
  • In the darkness, all I could see of the creature were its glowing tentacles and long purple teeth.
  • The Haunted Science Lab was more than just a nickname.


Click on the story title to read the original narratives written by our Glen Meadow Middle School students:


1st place author: Lauren Waschek – “Angel Number 41”

2nd place author: Keela McElduff – “Getting Rich”

3rd place author: Nicole Charuka – “The Creature in the Shadows”

Honorable Mention authors: Kaden Haw – “Chuckie Finster” and Erin McDonough – “The Regrettable Dare”

Author Finalists:

Audrey Baldwin – “Escaping the Sea Monster”

Jessica LeFort – “Billy’s Blindess”

Mariel Castro-Reynoso – “Keeping Your Head Above the Water”

Sabrina Bucknam – “Eaten by Hybrids”

Author Semi-Finalists:

Alexander Keating  – “Monster or a Dream”

Angelina Dagion – “The Little Science Creature”

Arianna Frank – “The Birthday that We Could Never Forget, Even if We Tried”

Bailey Mann – “The Haunted Science Lab”

Douglas Staley – “Becoming Rich”

Jackson O’Gureck – “The Myth of the Pacific”

Maryanna Cova-Gomez – “Halloween”

Pearse Esposito – “The Haunted Science Lab on Wrangler Street”

Sarah Goobic – “Two Hours Till 31405”

Shawn Kiernan – “The Wrath of the Half Wolf Monsters”

Thomas Amorosi – “Dead Sea Dread”

Wade Riley – “The Black Dust Monster”

Advancement & Graduation Livestreams

Catch both Thursday’s 8th Grade Advancement and Friday’s VTHS Graduation live!


Here is an updated link for the livestream of 8th grade: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE-f9e3XSLpJyb-gx8vPfuQ/live


2018 VTHS Graduation – Friday at 6:30pm

VTHS Summer Assignments

18-19 District Calendar

Please be aware at the June 13th board meeting that the BOE approved an updated calendar for the 18-19 school year. Changes include students beginning a day earlier (first day of school for students is 9/6) and students attending school on Columbus Day (10/8).

For the full 18-19 calendar, click here now

2018 Virtual Summer School Info

2018 Virtual Summer School


2018 Virtual Summer School- Credit Recovery/Make-Up Courses



If your son/daughter is in danger of failing any courses, please be aware that final grades will be posted daily on the Parent Portal during the week of final exams. Please check regularly.


2018 Virtual Summer School- Credit Recovery Important Dates

Registration Opens: Friday, June 1, 2018

Registration Closes: Monday, July 2, 2018


Deadline for Completed Work: Monday, August 13, 2018 at 11:59pm (NO Exceptions)


Link to Educere Site:


(Vernon School Code: ZTZYC8VJ)


Any questions, please contact the School Counseling Office at 973-764-5794

Superintendent Survey

Your input is very important to the Vernon Township School District Board of Education.  Please click on the link below to complete a brief survey regarding some of the qualities and characteristics that you would like to see in the new Superintendent. Thank you for taking your valuable time to assist us in the search for the District’s new educational leader.


2nd Grade Orientation

Rolling Hills

invites you to an


for all incoming 2nd Graders

Wednesday, June 6th, 2018 (A-L)

Thursday, June 7th, 2018 (M-Z)

Time:  4:15 to 5:00 p.m.

Bring your Mom and Dad and check out

your new school.

The program will include a tour

of the school and an information

session with a second grade teacher.

RH Musical Instrument Test Drive

Parents of Current 3rd Graders:

Please Join Us For

“A Musical Instrument Test Drive”



Current 3rd Grade Students and Parents



  • Come see, hear, and try the musical instruments available to play in 4th and 5th Grade at Lounsberry Hollow School!
  • Instrument vendors and music teachers will be onsite to assist you and answer your questions!
  • Instrument Rentals and Accessories will be available onsite!



Lounsberry Hollow School Gym



Thursday, May 31 from 6 to 8 PM!

May 25th Podcast: Episode 27

Episode 27 of our ongoing series of podcasts from Dr. McKay includes an interview with the “top 15”, the top seniors in this year’s graduating class.

In this episode, Dr. McKay highlights student and keynote speaker Joe Dunlop, field day, the World Language Honor Society, softball champions, and more!

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