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Reconfiguration Podcast: Episode 4

VTSD presents the 4th episode in an ongoing series of answering frequently asked questions about our reconfiguration of schools. If you have questions, email Dr. McKay at: reconfig@vtsd.com

VTHS Summer Assignments

Reconfiguration Update

This is a brief update regarding the reconfiguration and the actual moving of furniture/boxes.


All items (furniture/boxes) have moved between the following buildings:


From Lounsberry Hollow to Glen Meadow (the upcoming grade 6)

From Cedar Mountain to Lounsberry Hollow (the upcoming grades 4 & 5)

From Rolling Hills to Lounsberry Hollow (the upcoming grades 4 & 5)


Currently, we are moving the furniture/boxes from Cedar Mountain to Rolling Hills and expect completion by the end of today (the upcoming grades 2 & 3). Next, we will move furniture/boxes from Walnut Ridge upon the conclusion of the Extended School Year and Academic Camp programs that are currently taking place in those classrooms.


We are ahead of schedule, which will give us time to fine-tune things as needed.  Also, we are still on track for installing a swing set at Lounsberry Hollow and a small section of fence at Cedar Mountain.  As each classroom is completed, we will contact teachers via phone or email, to inform them that their classrooms are ready and available to them, in the event that they want to come in for a visit.


We would like to thank our faculty and staff for all of their hard work in preparing for this undertaking.  The Construction Facilities Management students have been outstanding, as well as our district’s Grounds crew, Maintenance team, Custodians and I.T. Department.  All departments have come together in a way that has allowed this process to go as quickly and seamlessly as possible!

Property Sale

The Vernon Board of Education is accepting bids for the sale of their two properties:

539 Route 515







293 Route 94







Bids will be opened on August 9th at 10am at the board office located at 539 Route 515, Vernon NJ 07462.  For more information or to register for one of our walk throughs, go to www.vtsd.com/sale

NOTE: the Board of Education reserves the right to reject all bids

Reconfiguration Podcast: Episode Three

Here is Episode Three of Dr. McKay’s ongoing series of reconfiguration news! This episode Dr. McKay covers rooms that are moving first, technology moves, some changes of librarians and Lit coaches, and more!  Have a question? Email your question to: reconfig@vtsd.com

VTHS Graduation: Replay

Here is the replay for our VTHS Graduation Ceremony!

8th Grade Advancement: Replay

Missed the Livestream of advancement? Catch the replay below:

(We apologize for the rough start – the video and sound get smoothed out a few minutes in)

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Board Member Vacancy

Public Notice

The Vernon Township Board of Education has a Board Member vacancy for the balance of the calendar year. Please submit a letter of interest to the attention of: Mr. Steven Kepnes, Board Secretary at Vernon Township Board of Education, P.O. Box 99, Vernon, New Jersey, 07462 by June 27 , 2017.

Reconfiguration Podcast: Episode 2

Here is the latest update with Dr. McKay, assistant superintendent, answering frequently asked questions concerning the upcoming reconfiguration. Have more questions? Email: reconfig@vtsd.com

Voluntary Uniforms

Dear Members of the School Community,

You may recall that we have been working on the concept of voluntary uniforms being available for students. At this time I am pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement with Land’s End as the voluntary school uniform source.

Land’s End is a quality company for clothing. Samples of the clothing can be found at the Vernon Township High School store located next to the cafeteria. Shopping can be done online as per the information listed on the attachment. Should you need sizing information you can visit any of the stores listed there and order directly from the store location.

Please note that this is a totally voluntary initiative. No student is required to wear a school uniform, however, should families like to try the option, it is now something that can be enabled.


Click Here for More Information


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