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Cedar Mountain Homework Policy

The purpose of homework is to develop a sense of academic discipline and responsibility within the student, as well as provide an opportunity for reviewing or extending the skills learned in the classroom. Homework may be assigned in any subject area for the purpose of reinforcement, enrichment, or review. Any work not completed during class could also be assigned as homework. If a child has been ill, the work that he/she has missed may also be given as homework.

In most cases, fourth grade homework assignments will not exceed 30-60 minutes.

Homework is given on a daily basis in the primary schools, with the grade level guidelines usually indicated to parents at the beginning of the year at Back-To-School Night and conferences. Homework assignments may vary from day-to-day and cover different subjects depending on the lesson emphasized for a particular unit.

Primary school is the foundation of all future learning. The formation of proper homework and study skills is essential for success throughout a child’s academic career.

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