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August 6, 2015

What follows is a humble attempt to increase the communicative potential of the school district by allowing the public to comment upon or question the Interim Superintendent of Schools, Mr. DiBenedetto. I have used a blog in past districts and found the demands of maintaining contact with the public to be reasonable. However, the size of those districts was much smaller than Vernon Township, so I am putting forth an experiment in communication. Whereas I enjoy replying to e-mails or having face to face meetings in my office whenever there is a student or personal concern, the purpose of the blog is to gain public input and comment on broader issues. It is my sincere hope to be able to provide timely responses to those who choose to use this mechanism for information exchange.

There are few rules or expectations regarding the blog but those that are delineated below will be closely followed:

  • Individual student matters will not be posted on the blog;
  • Criticism of staff members is not for public debate, hence personnel matters should be addressed with the chain of command including teachers, supervisors, principals and my office.
  • Comment and questions on more general issues will all be welcomed and answered in a timely manner.
  • The superintendent will post items that have the potential for comment so as to give the public an opportunity for input and for sharing ideas. When appropriate, Q and A strategies will be utilized.
  • Input from all township residents will be respected and posted.

The above was posted on a blog named vtsdsuperintendent. The blog received a few comments that were answered and was visited over one hundred times. Our IT department has been informed that the blog has been banned because of controversial material. From my understanding of what was stated by blogster, the host of the blog, this can only happen if complaints about the content are made by visitors. Thus the normal blogging process must be revised. I will continue to publish material that can be accessed on the VTSD website under superintendent blog. If parents or members of the community have comments, please e-mail them to me at:  I will paste them onto to the revised blog and answer them. I am sorry that this has taken place and that we must find an alternative means of connecting with the public. I know that e-mail usually identifies the author but I will not post names unless the sender requests that I do so.

I will re-state the blog contents with the caveat that I was unable to gain access to previous information posted so this will not be verbatim. The first blog posts centered on my recommendation to the Vernon Township Board of Education, that the Cedar Mountain School be considered for closing. This recommendation derived from the following financial and enrollment data, all of which was pulled from official district audits since the year 2000.

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