Cedar Mountain Primary School




Dear Parents/Guardians:


As the winter weeks begin to wind down and the first days of spring season are soon upon us, I am hopeful this message finds you and your family members, healthy and looking forward to warmer weather in upcoming months.



Please note the following upcoming dates on your calendar:


March 9            CMPS SCA Meeting –9:30AM & 7:00PM CMPS Café

                        Board of Education Work Session 7:00 PM LHMS

March 12           Daylight Saving Time begins

March 13           District In-Service Day

Schools Closed for Students

March 16           “New Kid” Assembly all grades 2:00PM CMPS Gym

Vernon Board of Ed. Meeting 7:00 PM LHMS

March 17           St. Patrick’s Day

March 20           Spring Begins

Mobile Dentist

March 24           SCA Confidance 6:30PM & 8:00PM CMPS Gym

March 28           SCA School Store- All Lunch Periods

March 30           Marking Period 3 Ends

March 31           School Spirit Day

Marking Period 4 Begins




APRIL 2017


April 6              Report Cards Distributed                            

April 7              3rd Grade Heritage Day                               

April 11             2:00 PM S.C.A. – New Kid Assembly

                        All Grades   C.M.P.S. Gym

7:00 P.M. Vernon Board of Education

                        Work Session/Public Meeting – L.H.M.S.

April 13            9:30 A.M. & 6:45 P.M.

Cedar Mountain S.C.A. meeting 

Cedar Mountain Café 

April 14-21                Spring Recess- Schools Closed      

April 22             Earth Day

April 25             S.C.A. School Store- All Lunch Periods

April 27             Band Retreat

April 28                  Spirit Day

7:00 P.M. S.C.A. Father/Daughter Dance








Listed below are some encouraging words I read several years ago we may continue to share with our students as taken from “101 Ways to Praise Your Child”                   

WOW                                                                YOU’RE ON TOP OF IT                                       

WAY TO GO                                                       BEAUTIFUL

SUPER                                                              NOW YOU’RE FLYING

YOU’RE SPECIAL                                                            YOU’RE CATCHING ON

OUTSTANDING                                                  NOW YOU’VE GOT IT

EXCELLENT                                                        YOU’RE INCREDIBLE

GREAT                                                              BRAVO

GOOD                                                               YOU’RE FANTASTIC

NEAT                                                                HURRAY FOR YOU

WELL DONE                                                       YOU’RE ON TARGET

REMARKABLE                                                    YOU’RE ON YOUR WAY

I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT                                             HOW NICE

I’M PROUD OF YOU                                           HOW SMART

FANTASTIC                                                        GOOD JOB

SUPER STAR                                                      THAT’S INCREDIBLE

NICE WORK                                                       HOT DOG

LOOKING GOOD                                                 DYNAMITE                   

YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL                                            YOU’RE UNIQUE

NOTHING CAN STOP YOU NOW                          GOOD FOR YOU

I LIKE YOU                                                         YOU’RE A WINNER

REMARKABLE JOB                                                          BEAUTIFUL WORK

SPECTACULAR                                                   YOU’RE SPECTACULAR  

YOU’RE DARLING                                                           YOU’RE PRECIOUS

GREAT DISCOVERY                                             YOU’VE DISCOVERED THE SECRET         

YOU FIGURED IT OUT                                         FANTASTIC JOB

HIP, HIP, HURRAY                                                         BINGO

MAGNIFICENT                                                   MARVELOUS

TERRIFIC                                                                       YOU’RE IMPORTANT

PHENOMENAL                                                   YOU’RE SENSATIONAL

SUPER WORK                                                    CREATIVE JOB

SUPER JOB                                                        EXCELLENT JOB


YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE                                      YOU’RE EXCITING

YOU LEARNED IT RIGHT                                     WHAT AN IMAGINATION

WHAT A GOOD LISTENER                                               YOU’RE FUN     

YOU’RE GROWINGUP                                         YOU TRIED HARD

YOU CARE                                                         BEAUTIFUL SHARING

OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE                           YOU’RE A GOOD FRIEND           

I TRUST YOU                                                     YOU’RE IMPORTANT

YOU MEAN A LOT TO ME                                                YOU MAKE ME HAPPY              

YOU BELONG                                                     YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND

YOU MAKE ME LAUGH                                       YOU BRIGHTEN MY DAY

I RESPECT YOU                                                  YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME

THAT’S CORRECT                                                           YOU’RE A JOY

YOU’RE A TREASURE                                          YOU’RE WONDERFUL

YOU’RE PERFECT                                                           AWESOME

A+ JOB                                                              YOU’RE A-OK

MY BUDDY                                                        YOU MADE MY DAY

THAT’S THE BEST                                                           A BIG HUG

A BIG KISS                                                        I LOVE YOU




In closing, please be reminded to only park in designated areas in the Cedar Mountain parking lot and, or, on Sammis Road during drop off and pick up time, as we continue to make the safety of our students and school community members a top priority.


Best wishes to all for a continued rewarding and successful 2016-17 school year!




Dennis J. Mudrick