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Walnut Ridge Primary School provides a quality program using the Tools of the Mind Curriculum

Some Curriculum Highlights:

  • combines activities specifically designed to promote self-regulation with activities that focus on academic skills, while also giving children the opportunity to practice self-regulation/executive function skills;
  • ensures children meet state and national standards by emphasizing research-based activity content;
  • promotes mature play—make-believe in preschool to dramatization in kindergarten—which is the most beneficial context for young children to develop self-regulation, cognitive, and social-emotional skills.

2016/2017 Preschool Brochure

Tools of the Mind Brochure

Self-Regulation Tip Sheet

Click here to see a video produced by the award-winning NJEA Classroom Close-Up program on  the Tools of the Mind curriculum taught by the preschool team of Mrs. Bisckei, Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Lombardi, Mrs. MacDougall and speech therapist, Mrs. Hamilton of Walnut Ridge Primary School


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