Student Assistance Counselor & School Clinician


What is a Student Assistance Counselor?

Student Assistance Counseling is talking confidentially with a professional counselor to discuss problems and develop healthy and effective coping strategies together.

Examples of problems might include:

*anger issues *alcohol and other drugs use
*depression *suicidal thoughts
*relationship issues *stress
*bullying *eating disorders
*school-related issues *cutting and other self-injury behaviors
*and ANY other issues having an effect on you.

Student Assistance Counselors are certified with advanced training and experience in the field of substance abuse and mental health. Mrs. Romeo is our Student Assistance Counselor and she provides support for our students daily.   Prevention, intervention, support and instructional services for students in the district are provided through our Student Assistance Counselor.  Mrs. Romeo offers assistance to students troubled by familial, emotional, social, legal, physical, sexual, or substance abuse problems.

Mrs. Romeo is available to provide confidential counseling and referral services for at risk students and their parents.  The ultimate goal is to empower students to assist in the development and maintenance of a positive school climate.   Mrs. Romeo often works to link students and their families with community resources to provide for needs requiring specialized services.

Mrs. Romeo has worked in public education since 2000.  Her education includes the following:

Master’s in Educational Leadership from Saint Peter’s University 

Master of Arts in Teaching from MaryGrove College 

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Education from Monmouth University 

Substance Awareness Coordinator Certification from Montclair State University

She has been a member of The Loss Coalition for 15 years.  Mrs. Romeo proudly accepted the Governor’s Educator Services Professional of the year award in the Spring of 2022.  She is currently the Key Club advisor and volunteers to run the Pokemon club.  


All conversations with the Student Assistance Coordinator is confidential except if there is concern of immediate harm to self or others, there is suspected or reported abuse/neglect or concern about harassment, intimidation and/or bullying (HIB).

You can contact Ms. Romeo 



School Clinician

Our newly instituted School Clinician is making a positive impact with our students and families both in and outside the classroom. We are developing and implementing a new program to help our students and community overcome some of their biggest challenges surrounding mental, social and emotional health of students.

Our School Clinician offers additional solutions to students, teachers, and families by providing a wide-range of onsite services. Our district clinician creates a tailored learning environment plan based on the need of the student and the school.

Mr. Demsak is a licensed professional counselor.  He provides support to our students and families daily.  Mr. Demsak was a teacher in the Vernon district for three years prior to transitioning to this role.  He is a licensed school counselor and also holds a clinical license through NJ DCA.  My theoretical orientations include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Person Centered Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and Solution Focused Brief Therapy.  

An example of the school clinician program components can include:

  • Individual and family counseling
  • School clearance assessments
  • School Presence Model to address school avoidance
  • Skill-building groups including social skills, conflict resolution, mindfulness, anger management, and stress management
  • Substance abuse programs specifically for youth
  • Educational workshops for faculty and parents
  • Direct in-class support for students and teachers
  • Collaborations with the school personnel and outpatient resources
  • Partnerships with child study teams as indicated by IEPs
  • Community outreach to engage youth and families
  • Case management and care coordination
  • Parent support groups
  • After school recreation and summer programs
  • Transitional programs to assist students with school and grade level changes


All conversations with our School Clinician is confidential except if there is concern of immediate harm to self or others, there is suspected or reported abuse/neglect or concern about harassment, intimidation and/or bullying (HIB).

You can contact Mr. Demsak



Upcoming Events

June 2023

Monday June 5 – Wednesday June 7

GMMS - Field Days
Monday June 5 – Wednesday June 7
GMMS - Field Days

  • 6/5 – 8th 
  • 6/6 – 7th
  • 6/7 – 6th
  • Raindate on June 8th

Monday June 5

2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
HS STEM Induction/CTE Ceremony
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
CM Book Fair

BOGO fair, buy one get one of equal or lesser value free

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
RH Gr. 2 Orientation (session 1)

Tuesday June 6

6:00 am – 8:00 pm
Primary Election Polling
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
HS Solo Ensemble Concert
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