Viking Club

The mission of the VTHS Viking Club is to bring parents of athletes together in fundraising efforts to support the athletes by awarding scholarships as well as funding unbudgeted expenses to benefit the athletic teams.

COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS! If your child needs community service hours, please contact one of our officers or Mr. Foley, as we can always use a student at sports activities or behind the scenes at events. THANK YOU!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! We rely heavily of the help of our parents for our much-attended and successful activities. If you are available to help at the pancake breakfasts or snack bar during home contests (your child’s sport or another) please contact any of our officers or Mr. Foley. We can use you for an hour or more ! Keep in mind that snack bar ‘duty’ offers a warm spot from which to watch an unobstructed view of the game. Other volunteer activities include bringing photo buttons to a home game to sell for $5 and selling 50 50s at football games. THANK YOU!

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Meetings will take place the second Monday of each month at 7 pm in the Faculty Dining Room. All parents of student athletes are welcome and encouraged to attend.


All Pro Shots – Your purchase supports our athletes.

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