**First-Grade Fun Day Postponed to Wednesday, May 22**

Meet our First-Grade Students of the Month

May First-Grade Students of the Month


Meet: Lyndsey                                   Nickname: Lynds                                 


Sport: Cheer                                        Food: Pancakes          

Singer: Jo Jo Siwa                              Book:  I Will Take a Nap

TV Show: “Tom and Jerry”                School Subject: Science

Name of Sisters: Alyssa and Kaitlyn

Lyndsey’s teacher, Mrs. Barone, should know that Lyndsey has a black Lab rescue named Lenny, and a Pug named Chloe and that Lyndsey is very kind.

When Lyndsey is not in school, she likes to ride her bike, bounce a basketball, and swim in her pool.

Lyndsey is really good at making people laugh and entertaining herself.

When Lyndsey grows up, she wants to be a teacher.


Meet: Aiden                                                    Nickname: “Pumpkin Pie”                                


Sport: Lacrosse                                               Food: Pizza    

Song: “Sail Away’ by Anya                           Book:  Pete the Cat

Movie: “Wall-E”                                 School Subject: Art with Mrs. Docherty

Name of Brothers: Gavin (his twin!) and Kenny

Aiden’s teacher, Mrs. Talerico and Mrs. Ollert, should know that Aiden loves penguins.

When Aiden is not in school, he likes to snuggle with his mom.

Aiden is really good at helping his mom cook.

When Aiden grows up, he wants to be a chef and police officer.


Meet: Anthony                                   Nickname: “Antney”, “Ant”, Tony                  


Sport: Football and Lacrosse              Food: Chicken

Book:  Monsters New Undies

Movie: “Captain Underpants”                          TV Show: “Cupcake Wars” 

School Subject: Math

Name of Sister and Brothers: Alexa, Nick, and Tommy

Anthony’s teacher, Mrs. Wilson, should know that Anthony is a good person.

When Anthony is not in school, he likes to jump on his trampoline, ride his bike, or hoverboard.

Anthony is really good football and lacrosse.

When Anthony grows up, he wants to be a chef.


Meet: Amelia                            


Sport: Cheerleading                            Food: Cookies

Singer: Jo Jo Siwa                              Book:  Amelia Bedelia

TV Show: “Bunk’d”                           School Subject: Gym with Miss Gonnelli

Name of Brother: Dominic

Amelia’s teacher, Mrs. Rogers, should know that Amelia will always try to do her very best.

When Amelia is not in school, she likes to play with her friends, jump on the trampoline, and swim.

Amelia is really good at dancing.

When Amelia grows up, she wants to own her own hair salon.


Meet: Makenzie                                   


Sport: Softball                                     Food: Mozzarella Sticks        

Music: Rock and  Roll                        Book:  Lego City

TV Show: “Scooby-Doo”                   School Subject: Math

Makenzie’s teacher, Mrs. Hartman, should know that Makenzie loves being in her class!

When Makenzie is not in school, she likes to ride her bike and play outside.

Makenzie is really good at building with Legos.

When Makenzie grows up, she wants to be a scientist.



Meet: Makayla                                   Nickname: “Jeanne-Jeanne”                 


Sport: Soccer and Softball                  Food: Pizza and Fruit 

Singer: Jo Jo Siwa                              Book:  Judy Moody

Movie: “How to Train a Dragon 1-2-3”                                

School Subject: Art with Mrs. Docherty

Name of Sister: Kaitlyn

Makayla’s teacher, Mrs. Giangrande, should know that Makayla can’t wait for summer so she can swim and go to Mountain Creek!

When Makayla is not in school, she likes to play outside with her sister, Kaitlyn, and her neighbor.

Makayla is really good at soccer, softball, and drawing.

When Makayla grows up, she wants to be a soccer coach and an art teacher.



Meet: Jayden                                      Nickname: “Sissy”                                


Sport: Snowboarding                          Food: French Fries     

Singer: Baby Shark                             Book:  Snuggle Bunny

TV Show: “Goldie and Bear”             School Subject: Music with Mr. Moschella

Name of Brothers: Jack and Jeremy

Jayden’s teacher, Mrs. Vanadia, should know that Jayden really likes being in her class with her friends.

When Jayden is not in school, she likes to play with her cousin Juliana (she call her “Cools”)! Jayden and Juliana have a lot of fun together.

Jayden is really good at being a calendar helper.

When Jayden grows up, she wants to be a mermaid.


Meet: Joseph                                      Nickname: Joey                                    


Sport: Football                                    Food: Strawberries     

Singer: Joseph’s Mom                        Book:  Elephant and Piggy

Movie: “Bolt”  TV Show: “Puppy Dog Pals”           

School Subject: Math

Names of Sister and Brother: Julie and Michael

Joseph’s teacher, Mrs. Start, should know that Joseph thinks she’s the best!

When Joseph is not in school, he likes to play with his brother and sister.

Joseph is really good at playing catch.

When Joseph grows up, he wants to be a construction worker.


Meet: Sierra                                       Nickname: “CiCi”


Sport: Soccer                                       Food: Cake     

Singer: Kids Bop                                Book:  Guinea Pigs

TV Show: “My Little Pony”                 School Subject: Math

Names of Sister and Brother: Kalie and Damon

Sierra ’s teacher, Mr. Dente, should know that Sierra smiles at other people when they are sad, and she loves Mr. Dente’s class!

When Sierra is not in school, she likes to play outside and watch videos.

Sierra is really good at helping others.

When Sierra grows up, she wants to be a donut maker and own a donut shop.


Meet: Callie                              


Sport: Softball                                     Food: Dove Bars        

Singer: One Direction                         Book:  Pete the Cat, Bake Sale

TV Show: “Puppy Dog Pals”             School Subject: Math

Name of Brother: Jackson

Callie’s teacher, Mrs. Megnin, should know that Callie likes to play softball and go to dance class.

When Callie is not in school, she likes to practice math, practice reading, and pretend that she is a princess.

Callie is really good at drawing and doing math.

When Callie grows up, she wants to be a magician and a doctor.


Meet: Katherine                                 Nickname: Kat                                      


Sport: Softball                                     Food: Cupcakes         

Singer: Taylor Swift                           Book:  Art and Max

Movie: “Coco”                                    School Subject: Art with Mrs. Docherty

Name of Brother: Jason Bear Belits

Katherine’s teacher, Mrs. Battista, should know that Katherine thinks that Mrs. Battista is really great, she really likes her!

When Katherine is not in school, she likes to play with her friends outside.

Katherine is really good at playing softball.

When Katherine grows up, she wants to be like her mommy.


Meet: Drea                                         Nickname: “Dre” and “Bubba”                        


Sport: Basketball and Soccer              Food: Ice Cream        

Singer: Arianna Grande                      Book:  Biscuit’s Easter

Movie: “The Meg”                              School Subject: Gym with Miss Gonnelli

Name of Sister: Callie

Drea’s teacher, Miss Chmielowiec, should know that Drea really likes being in her class.

When Drea is not in school, she likes to snuggle with her mom and play with her toys.

Drea is really good at coloring.

When Drea grows up, she wants to be a teacher.


Author visit: Daniel Kirk, author of the Library Mouse series came to Cedar Mountain to make a presentation on the writing and illustrating process. We were also treated to Daniel Kirk singing songs with our students! Students were held captive as Daniel Kirk read some of his books, demonstrated various stages of how a book is written, and most importantly, how he always focuses on “small moments” to inspire his writing. Students were inspired to hear that even a famous author struggles to write stories and how many times he had to go back to revise and edit his books.

Daniel Kirk poses with students

Daniel Kirk stands next to a life-sized painting of one of the pages of Library Mouse

Mrs. Arlington’s Writers: Students in Mrs. Arlington‘s kindergarten class are practicing their emerging writing skills while they prepared for Mother’s Day all at the same time!  To help celebrate their moms, students worked on books that asked students to identify some of their mom’s favorite things. Students got to show their creative sides by decorating and embellishing their writing. The process helps to provide another authentic opportunity for Writing Workshop practice. 

The Skyland Miner visits Cedar Mountain: Cedar Mountain students were visited by “Herbie” the Miner, the mascot from the Skyland Miners baseball team. Students learned about the team and watched highlights of the last game of last year that made the team Champions of the Can-Am League. Students enjoyed saying hello to “Herbie”…especially, Miss Gonnelli, our gym teacher!


For Police Officer Appreciation Day, Mrs. Vanadia’s class honored Officer Ed, CMPS’s RPO, by making him cards to say THANK YOU!

Officer Ed Receives Thank Yous From Mrs. Vanadia’s Students



Meet Liam, our very special Custodian Helper. First-grader, Liam is a very kind and helpful student in our cafeteria. Mrs. Joyce and Mrs. Geary, our custodians, noticed that Liam helps his tablemates clean up the lunch table and often assist Mrs. Joyce and Mrs. Geary in the cafeteria. Liam was recognized with a very special certificate for his consistent effort, given to him in front of all first-graders. We are all very proud of Liam! Thank you for all you do for our school!



June SCA meeting will take place on Monday, June 3rd, at 9:45 am. I would like to introduce our new 2019-2020 officers listed below. 

President: Mrs. Megan Minter

Vice President: Mrs. Jennifer Modarelli

Treasurer: Ms. Gabrielle Raghoobar

Recording Secretary: Mrs. Lori Mish

Corresponding Secretary: Mrs. Mary Lach


Thank you to our outgoing SCA officers for all of your hours of volunteering at Cedar Mountain to bring special programs and activities to our school!

President: Mrs. Denise Clarke

Vice President: Mrs. Megan Minter

Recording Secretary: Ms. Terrianne Scognamiglio

Corresponding Secretary: Mrs. Jennifer Modarelli

Treasurer: Mr. Patrick Curreri

Here are some upcoming SCA events:

  • Sock Hop: May 31st from 5:00 to 7:00 pm, held in the lower parking lot, here is the flier that will be sent home shortly
  • End-of-the-Year Party: Monday, June 10th


All Cedar Mountain Primary School classroom teachers will be administering the Baseline Assessment System reading test and posttests in all academic and special area classes mid-May through early June. The purpose of these posttests is to chart and document students’ growth and achievement students have made since the beginning of the year in each subject and class. Please contact your child’s teacher if you would like to discuss your child’s scores and overall growth.

Early Dismissal Days: For planning purposes, our district will be having Early Dismissal Days on June 12, 2018, through Tuesday, June 18, 2019. Cedar Mountain will dismiss at 1:20 pm daily. Here is the “Grab and Go” lunch form that will be sent home for these days. This form will be sent home shortly. Lunch will not be served in the cafeteria on these days.

2nd Grade Orientation: You will shortly receive information on Rolling Hills Primary School 2nd grade Orientation that will be held on June 3 and 4 beginning at 3:50. You will have to register your child for a time slot for this event on the Sign Up Genius that has been created by Rolling Hills. Here is the invitation from Rolling Hills Primary School. Please see Rolling Hills calendar for the link to this Sign-Up Genius.

Sunscreen at School: As a reminder to all families, sunscreen cannot be brought to school by students. You must have a doctor’s note for your child to bring sunscreen to school and apply it while at school. It is highly recommended that you apply a high number sunscreen to your child prior to coming to school.

DIAL 4 Kindergarten Screening This screening is being given to all children who are registered for kindergarten for September 2019. If, by chance, you know of a family that has not registered their school-aged child, please encourage them to contact one of the secretaries in the main office of Cedar Mountain or go to the Vernon Board of Education Office to begin the registration process.

Class of 2032 Kindergarten Orientation: In closing, if you are a parent/guardian of an entering kindergarten student reading this blog, you should have received a letter from me inviting you to the Class of 2032 Kindergarten Orientation on Friday, June 14, 2019, at 2:00 (A-L) or 3:00 (M-Z), held in the Cedar Mountain gym.


Rosemary Gebhardt