Justin Annunziata
Term: 2021-2023
Committee: President shall be an ex officio member of all committees. Finance, Curriculum(technology) Special Services, Student Life

Kelly Mitchell
Vice President
Term: 2020-2022
Committee: Building & Grounds*, Negotiations*, Special Services, Student Life*

Theresa Scura Coughlin
Committee: Building & Grounds, Curriculum(Technology)*, Special Services*, Student Life, Negotiations


Joseph A. Sweeney
Term: 2020-2022
Committee: Building & Grounds, Finance*, Partnership*


Martin O’Donnell
Term: 2021-2023
Committee: Curriculum(technology), Negotiations, Liaison, Finance

Adina Leuthner
Committee: Curriculum(Technology), Liaison, Partnership


Raymond Zimmerman
Term: 2021
Committee: Building and Grounds, Finance, Negotiations


Charles Cimaglia
Term: 2021
Committee: Liaison

Jennifer Pellet
Term: 2020-2022
Committee: Liaison*, Partnership, Special Services, Student Life




* Chairperson

N.J.S.B.A Delegate: Joseph  Sweeney – Adina Leuthner (Alternate)
Legislative Delegate: Joseph Sweeney
Sussex County SBA Delegate: Joseph Sweeney – Jennifer Pellet (Alternate)
Sussex Cty Ed Service (Northern Hills): Theresa Scura Coughlin-Jennifer Pellet (Alternate)

Upcoming Events

October 2022

Monday October 3 – Friday October 7

RHPS Family PE Week

Monday October 3 – Friday October 7

RHPS Week of Respect

More information to follow.

Monday October 3

All Day
CM Wear a Blue Shirt for World Day of Bullying Prevention
RHPS World Day of Bullying Prevention - Blue Shirt Day

Teach about what is bullying? What is respect?

LH Week of Respect - Blue Shirt Day
ALL/Week of Respect
Recurs weekly
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
High School 101 - Parent Academy


Tuesday October 4

All Day
CM SCA Smencils Fundraiser Begins
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