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August 14th Reopening Podcast

In this episode, Dr. McKay highlights some information from the August 13th BOE Work Session. Also in this episode, Mr. Shea makes an appearance to talk about the 6th and 9th grade Chromebook exchange, Chromebook repairs, and info about the upcoming release of schedules and back-to-school forms. Parents, be sure to update your contact information in the Genesis Parent Portal!

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August 29 SAT Protocols

Please click the following link to see protocol regarding the upcoming SAT test that takes place on August 29th.

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Rotation Groups on Parent Portal

Parents are now able to log into the Genesis Parent Portal to see which rotation group their child has been assigned to (Blue Team, Gold Team, or Virtual Student). Schedules will be available later in August as the district continues to balance scheduling and the needs of those who have requested an Exclusively Virtual learning experience.  For specific questions, please contact the Principal of the school that your child attends.

Please note – we cannot accept requests to change teams as it will unbalance schedules across schools.

click here for the BLUE/GOLD Calendars

VTHS Graduation Replay

Here are the replays for both VTHS Graduation Ceremonies:


4:00pm Replay (click here for youtube)


7:00pm Replay (click here for youtube)

Summer Child Study Team Contact Info

If you need to contact our Child Study Team over the summer for any questions concerning your child and/or their IEP, see the contact info below:

PS-5 Supervisor: Adam Kendler – 973-764-6573 or akendler@vtsd.com
6-12 Supervisor: Cheryl von Salzen – 973-764-6485 or cvonsalzen@vtsd.com
Office of Special Services: Nancy Schultz – 973-764-4379 or nschultz@vtsd.com
Summer Child Study Team:
Cedar Mountain:
Amanda Saxton – asaxton@vtsd.com
Kate Panfile – kpanfile@vtsd.com
Karen Lagas – klagas@vtsd.com
Rolling Hills:
Amanda Saxton – asaxton@vtsd.com
Kate Panfle – kpanfile@vtsd.com
Lounsberry Hollow:
Karen Lagas – klagas@vtsd.com
Glen Meadow:
Amanda Saxton – asaxton@vtsd.com
Kate Panfile – kpanfile@vtsd.com
High School:
Kasandra Aristizabal – karistizabal@vtsd.com
Barb Schelle – bschelle@vtsd.com

8th Grade Advancement Replay

Catch the replay of the 8th grade advancement From Monday, August 3rd.

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July 31st Reopening Podcast

In this episode, Dr. McKay interviews a special team dedicated to improving our online experience for both exclusively virtual and blue/gold students. Dr. McKay talks with our director of humanities, Vinny Gagliostro, our director of STEM, Russ Rogers, and our technology integration specialist, Janet DeSenzo. They share how many of our teachers have been working all summer to create new curriculum for online learning, training opportunities for our staff in August, and some plans for parent training to help parents become more comfortable with the tools our students will be using. The team plans to share some examples of online and blended learning in one of next week’s episodes so stay tuned!

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School Containment Guidelines

The attached document offers information regarding various situations related to COVID-19.


VTHS Basic Supply List

Dear Parents and Guardians: 


Due to our concerns for the health of our students, faculty and staff, as well as social distancing guidelines, Vernon Township High School faculty members are requesting the following supplies for their students, as materials will not be shared between students and teachers this year. Students must come to class with the required materials and will be responsible for transporting their own supplies to and from class daily.


If additional class-specific supplies are requested, teachers will share that information with students when the school year begins, however this list encompasses the basic necessities that will be required for most classes.


  • Bookbag or backpack (to carry Chromebooks and all school supplies)
  • Notebooks (1 per class)
  • 3-ring binder with lined paper
  • Pocket folders (1 per class)
  • Earbuds (to be used with Chromebooks)
  • Pens, pencils, and colored pencils
  • Highlighters
  • Dry erase markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • Ruler
  • Index Cards
  • Sticky Notes
  • Calculator: TI-84 (recommended, however there is a TI-84 app that can be used on the Chromebooks)
  • Protractor and compass (Geometry class)
  • Electronic Keyboard wipes (Engineering class)
  • Thin yoga mat and/or weight training gloves – if desired (Weight training class)

Class of 2020 Graduation Information

Please review the following slides concerning next week’s VTHS Class of 2020 Graduation Ceremony:

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