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New Student Registration

Registration for the 21-22 School Year is NOW OPEN

go to sites.google.com/vtsd.com/cmopenreg for more information


Children who will be five years old on or before October 1, 2020, are eligible to register for the 2020-2021 school year.

STEP ONE: Register your child for school by completing the online registrationAfter you have completed the online pre-registration, please bring all necessary documentation to Cedar Mountain School. Students currently attending the Walnut Ridge preschool program are also required to register for Kindergarten, but should NOT on the below dates. If you do not have access to a computer/internet, you may access one at our Board of Education office.

STEP TWO: Required paperwork

  • PROOF OF RESIDENCY: (Note: this is required even if a sibling is already registered)
    • choose one of the below options for proof of residency
  1. If you are living with an individual or family residing in Vernon Township, they must provide a copy of their deed AND a current utility bill
  2.  Original deed or Settlement Statement from your closing AND a current utility bill
  3. Legal lease/rental agreement with names of parents and children on it AND a current utility bill  (if you do not have a lease you can use a “Sworn Statement of Landlord” signed by your landlord and notarized – contact kressler@vtsd.com for more info)
  4. Sworn Statement/Affidavit of Applicant AND Parent Affidavit of Legal Residence
  • ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE issued by the town or state of birth (not a hospital certificate)
  • DOCTOR’S CERTIFICATE of IMMUNIZATION against the following:
  1. DPT – 4 doses – Fourth dose must be on or after fourth birthday; if not, a fifth dose will be needed.
  2. Polio – 3 doses – Third dose must be on or after fourth birthday; if not, a fourth dose will be needed.
  3. Measles (Rubeola) – 2 doses of a measles containing vaccine; the first dose must be after the first birthday.
  4. Mumps1 dose
  5. German Measles (Rubella)1 dose
  6. Hepatitis B3 doses
  7. Varicella (Chicken Pox Vaccine) — 1 dose after 1st birthday or documentation that child had the disease.
  • PHYSICAL CHECK-UP from a private medical doctor (prior to the first day of school)


IMPORTANT:  If you do not register your child on the dates above you will need to: (1) go to the Board of Education building  located at the Walnut Ridge School to establish residency, (2) then go to Cedar Mountain Primary School with original birth certificate and all medical information.

If you have any questions regarding residency, please contact Karen Dowd at 973-764-8025, kdowd@vtsd.com.  If you have any other questions regarding kindergarten registration please do not hesitate to call Cedar Mountain Primary School at (973) 764-2890.

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