The Senior Video is the traditional way VTHS Seniors have celebrated their experience at Vernon. Usually shown at the Senior Breakfast on the morning of the Senior Prom, it captures the smiles and sometimes silliness that typifies youth. This class, with the abrupt ending to our school year, did not have the breakfast nor the prom. Nor was there the time to take those photos that would have included a greater variety of seniors. We had a limited number of pictures taken earnestly by Nick Zinno before we knew our time was over, so a call went out to students to send in their own photos. If you notice the same faces multiple times, those are the students who responded to the request. 

We know that some folks are camera people and some are not. Our hope is that, rather than focusing on how some students are in the photos and others are not, you can appreciate the great effort that went in to collecting memories from the classrooms, hallways, café and sporting events so that all the graduates could reflect on their four years at Vernon Township High School. As you watch, consider that the pictures are representative of that time when we did not have to remain six feet apart. While life may never be this carefree again, at least not in the near future– Class of 2020, you were at the epicenter of a huge social change. 

Life is not about how everything works out the way we planned it. It is about how we engage, how we adapt and how we care for one another – even if it has to be from a safe distance. Take heart, take responsibility and take advantage of every day, social distanced or not, and have the life of your dreams. It’s all up to you now. We here at VTHS know you have what it takes. We cannot wait to see you soar.

Sincerely, with love, and with every good wish for smooth sailing ahead,

Mrs. Kathy Weyant, Class of 2020 Advisor