Rolling Hills Primary School – Principal’s Blog

August, 2017


Dear Second Grade/Incoming Third Grade Students and Parents: 

Welcome to Rolling Hills Primary School!  


We hope you are having a wonderful summer as you begin to prepare for your transition to Rolling Hills.  We assure you that your years at RHPS will be exciting and academically enriching.  Our school is very proud to have a rigorous academic program for all students.  The next couple of years will be a time of change, growth and new opportunities.   There are many challenges ahead, but I feel confident that each student can be successful in fulfilling their potential. It is our priority to ensure that each student feels they are a part of the RHPS community and a part of their education.  The workload, social adjustments, responsibilities, and expectations are greater at Rolling Hills; however,  there are many teachers and staff members here to help you grow and adjust. 


This year Rolling Hills will be implementing a Second Grade House Model to continue to assist our students as they embrace the values of “commitment, responsibility and academic achievement” in their daily choices and interactions.  Simply stated, there will be two teachers in each “house” providing instruction in language arts/social studies and math/science (One teacher will be teaching math/science and the second teacher will be teaching language arts/social studies).  For example, students may have a teacher in the morning teaching math and science and change classes in the afternoon with another teacher teaching language arts and social studies. In addition to the two “house” teachers, all students will move throughout the day for special area instruction in art, music, physical education, computers, robotics, Spanish, and library skills.


In an attempt to help facilitate the transition to RHPS, we will be conducting a school wide soft opening on Friday, September 8th.  The day should help alleviate any concerns and help make the transition to Rolling Hills as smooth and seamless as possible.  The day will also include a barbeque social sponsored by our SCA for all students, and will culminate with a regular dismissal schedule at 3:40pm.  


We hope you enjoy the remainder of your summer, and look forward to seeing you soon!

Dr. Stewart Stumper