I am struck by the

simplicity of light

in the atmosphere

in the autumn,

as if the earth

absorbed none,

and out of this profusion

of dazzling light

came the autumnal tints

~Henry David Thoreau


Dear Glen Meadow Families:

Schoology, our district’s Learning Management System, will be opening for parents and guardians! Parents and guardians will be able to log on to Schoology to see their child’s homework, see class resources, and read announcements, etc. All Glen Meadow parents and guardians will be sent a login via your email that we have on record in Genesis. The password that you receive will NOT be your child’s school account, it will be a parent account based upon the email that you have supplied us. So, it is very important that all of your contact information is Genesis is up to date and accurate. You will be able to see all homework and resources in each class. Viewing each class’ assignments and activities will help you see first-hand what your child is learning in class. Please call the main office if you are having trouble logging in. 

New Student Breakfast: The Glen Meadow counselors held a new-to-district breakfast for approximately 40  new 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students. Our new students enjoyed a bagel breakfast as a welcome to the building. To facilitate making new friends, students entered the cafeteria and were seated based on the color of paper they were given.  As an ice breaker, students had a question to discuss at each table. Students could be observed chatting away and engaged in conversation with their new peers. Students were given an opportunity to ask any questions about Glen Meadow to Mrs. Gebhardt, Mrs. Keane, Mrs. Pisco, and Ms. Regan. 

Bahama Relief Comes from Generous Glen Meadow Students…Boys from the GM track team and Pat Mitchell, a senior at VTHS, pitch in to help Mrs. Mitchess load the boxes of donated household items to deliver to Granny’s Restaurant in Hamburg, NJ to help support a community in the Bahamas that has a direct tie to one of our students at GM! Glen Meadow students have a BIG heart!!

Vernon Coalition “Above the Influence” Program will begin soonPlease click this link for the flier for all the dates this club will meet. This is a very popular club… all are invited. Students will come together to celebrate being a pre-teen/teen and all the ways to have fun while making healthy choices. Lisa DeRitter, the Youth Coordinator of the Vernon Coalition, will be leading this group. Lisa will also be holding many Lunch and Fun groups during lunch periods throughout the school year.

What’s Your Anti-Drug? For the 19th year, The Center for Prevention and Counseling is offering the “What’s Your Anti-Drug?” campaign to all students. There are so many different things that keep students away from alcohol and other drugs…Singing,  Sports,  Scouts,  Dancing, Drawing,  Friends,  Pets and MORE! The Center for Prevention and Counseling is accepting original stories,  artwork, poetry or photographs, which tells the world: What’s your anti-drug? Please click here for the form and additional information.

Pinwheels for Peace: During our first two days of school that focused on Social and Emotional Learning, students created Pinwheels for Peace. Pinwheels for Peace began in 2005 and is celebrated on September 21st which is also the International Day of Peace. We “planted” our pinwheels in our front entrance area. Pinwheels for Peace was started by two Florida teachers as a gesture to promote kindness throughout the world.

Patriot’s Pen Essay Contest: Students will be writing essays in Language Arts and Social Studies classes on the topic “What Makes America Great?”. Patriot’s Pen is an annual essay contest sponsored by the National VFW. Please see this attached form for additional information. Glen Meadow often has winners from our school!  Please click here for the form and additional information.

Blood Donor Student Volunteers: Students are learning about ways they can help the community. Mrs. Schmidt, a Glen Meadow Language Arts teacher, organizes various blood drives at GMMS. This year, students can apply to be a greeter and assist blood donors after donating blood. Students also assist with the set up, bring snacks and beverages to donors, sit with the donors, thank them, and make sure they are comfortable. We are very proud of our young leaders.


Young Poets Society: Mrs. Clifford, 8th Grade Language Arts teacher, is teaching her students about writing “abstractions” using similes and metaphors. Students were given an assignment to write a poem about themselves using literary devices they are learning in class. Enjoy two wonderful examples of students’ creativity from Owen and Megan! 


My eyes are blue like a crystal clear lake.

My laughter is like waves crashing against the beach.

My heart is like a precious gem being polished until it shines.

My personality is strong like the horns of an ox.

My hair is blonde like the sand on a beach.

My determination is like a runaway freight train.

My brain is a computer that stores information. 



Life in A Pair of Breeches

My blue eyes are like the glistening Arctic ice settled on the dark ocean

My mind is a racehorse galloping faster than I can keep up

My heart is pathed with a trail of hoofprints and my soul is a flower swaying to the sound of a clip-clop beat

My passion is being on the back of a horse

An I am like a young child beaming with excitement while jumping a colorful course

My hair is a lion’s mane and shimmers under the golden sun

My feet are ice skates slipping and sliding across the kitchen floor

I live inside boots, breeches, and a helmet

My personality resembles leather, smooth on the outlook, yet tough and durable

My ideas are butterflies flipping and flapping in each direction.



My hair is like long locks of bronze and gold

My eyes are pre-bloomed fields of flowers

My freckles are like softly dancing stars

My mind is like a chest of locked away secrets

My heart is a bird fluttering free from a cage

My cheeks are like the sun radiating on pink roses

I’m like a bear hibernating in the winter- warm, cozy, and not to be disturbed

My fingers are like grasshoppers jumping from one key to the next


Congratulations to our Lady Vikings Field Hockey Team! Both the Varsity and JV teams won their matches against the Lady Braves from Newton on Friday, September 20th! The season is off to a great start. Congratulations Coach Hofmann and Coach Ranzan!


Cross Country: Coach Galante has been training our students for endurance for long-distance running. This team will experience seven meets this year. Coach Galante gives students leadership opportunities by having students lead exercising and stretching at the beginning and the end of each practice.


Volleyball: Coach Oakes has almost 100 participants in this very popular sport. While students are learning the fundamentals of this sport they are also preparing for the VERY POPULAR Volleyball Tournaments that will be held this year. Our first tournament will be on Friday, October 18 after school. This is an activity that should not be missed!! While students have fun playing with teammates and compete, they are also giving back to our community by donating non-perishable food items. Select athletes will be making a presentation about this very popular activity at the October 17 Board of Education meeting.

Variety Show: Directors Mr. Manis and Mr. Petonak held tryout last week…and there were so many wonderful acts! Students selected to perform or work on the technical part of the show will soon be posted. Students will be practicing weekly for the November 19th show.


Week of Respect 2019-2020

Kindness Matters Always and in All Ways!

During the week of October 7, our state will be celebrating the ways that all students can respect each other and avoid bullying behavior. To kick off this week, our students will experience a three-screen movie from Camfel Productions called: “Go Viral”. This video reinforces how to stay safe when using devices and social media. Here is a listing of what we’ll be doing at Glen Meadow Middle School for the week:

Monday, October 7:

Spirit Day- Blue Shirt Day for World Anti-Bullying

Respect Quote: “I am not concerned with you liking me or disliking me….all I ask is that you respect me as a human being.” Jackie Robinson

Respect Challenge: Introduce yourself to five students or staff members who do not know you today.


Tuesday, October 8:

Spirit Day- Everyone Counts Day – wear your favorite number

Respect Quote: “Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. “ Leo Busgalia

Respect Challenge: Stop in the office and say hello to the office staff


Wednesday, October 9:

Spirit Day- Dare to be Different Day – wear mismatched clothes

Respect Quote: “When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everyone will respect you.” Lao Tzu

Respect Challenge: Smile at random people in the hallway


Thursday, October 10:

Spirit Day – United We Stand Against Bullying – wear blue/gold – school spirit class shirt

Respect Quote: “I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people.” – Maya Angelou

Respect Challenge: Tell one of your teachers who your hero is


Friday, October 11:

Spirit Day- Help Everyone Respect Others – (H.E.R.O) – wear your favorite superhero shirt

Respect Quote: “Dreams save us. Dreams lift us up and transform us. And on my soul I swear, until my dream of a world where dignity, honor, and justice becomes the reality we all share…. I will not stop fighting!” Superman

Respect Challenge: Say thank you to staff members other than your teachers for their dedication.

Mark your calendars for some upcoming October events:

Early Dismissal Day: Monday, October 14th. Students will be dismissed at 12:30- our district teachers will be participating in an in-service day in the afternoon.

October SCA meeting will take place on Wednesday, October 16, at 9:30 am. We had a great parent attendance at our September meeting. We love our parent volunteers. Please check out the Glen Meadow SCA link where our minutes will be posted to keep you up to date if you missed a meeting. Here is the SCA Facebook link. 

School Spirit Day: Thursday, October 17- Wear your “class-of” or other Vernon apparel 

Parent Conferences: Tuesday, October 22- Friday, October 25. In early October Genesis will open the sign-ups for parent conferences. This sign up system should make it convenient for planning if you have more than one child in one or more of our district schools. You will receive an email when this portal will open. All schools will hold evening conferences on Tuesday and Thursday and afternoon conferences on Wednesday and Friday.

Thank you for partnering with us and all you to do support our school!


Rosemary Gebhardt