Happy March

Dear Walnut Ridge Families,

Welcome to the Walnut Ridge School Blog! We are planning on updating this weekly in order to assist our families in staying informed of our school and our district events. You will still continue to receive a Friday School messenger email with pertinent issues, but most school reminders will be placed on this blog.

Upcoming events

Spring Conference Schedule and Registration: Please click here for more information and registration links.


Important Reminders:

Punds for Pennies: The challenge is running now! Click here for more information.

Vernon Little League: Registration is open now. Click here for more information.

Tuition Reminder: Your April tuition payment was due on March 1st, please submit it as soon as possible if you have not done so already. Thank you.

Classroom Spotlight

Mrs. Cook’s preschool class is learning new concepts of pure restaurant theme. Children are practicing their expressive language skills and writing skills as they place and take orders at the pretend diner in class.


Mrs. Lombardi’s Class is having a blast learning the pure Restaurant theme as well!

Mrs. Bubendorf’s class has been loving exploring their restaurant theme! They have been busy making pizzas and pasta dishes, and taking orders at our new Drive-Thru!


Mrs. Lombardi’s class is doing math collections with a twist! Counting while categorizing things that go on land, in the water, or in the air and playing an attribute game sorting by color and shape!


Using our best speech and language skills as we learn about the restaurant theme with Mrs. Aimee!

Here is a link to all our wonderful classroom happenings from January. Thank you to all of our wonderful staff and students who make Walnut Ride Such a special place to learn!

All of us at Walnut Ridge School thank you and your family for sharing your children with us.