Introducing Cedar Mountain’s January First-Grade Students of the Month

January First-Grade Students of the Month



Meet: Lauren    Nickname: LJ


Sport: Swimming                    Food: Lobster 

Book:  There was an Old Lady

TV Show: “Lego Girls”          School Subject: Art

Name of Sister: Meghan

Lauren’s teacher should know that she really likes coming to school!

When Lauren is not in school, she likes to do arts and crafts and play with her Legos.

Lauren is really good at reading, swimming and playing soccer.

When Lauren grows up, she wants to be an art teacher.



Meet: Jayden                 Nickname: Scotty


Sport: Baseball                        Food: Pancakes          

Book:  Mud Pies

TV Show: “Team Umizoomi”  School Subject: Reading

Name of Brothers and Sisters: Adriana, Brooklyn, and Bentley

Jayden’s teacher should know that he likes Legos and he’s been waiting for this award his whole life!

When Jayden is not in school, he likes to play the Wii.

Jayden is really good at drawing.

When Jayden grows up, he wants to be a writer.



Meet: Caroline              Nickname: Firecracker


Sport: Swimming        Food: Pancakes          

Singer: Meghan Trainor          Book:  Dr. Seuss books

TV Show: “Just Add Magic”  School Subject: Math

Name of Sister: Jessica

Caroline’s teacher should know that she is learning to play her Coco guitar (inspired by the movie “Coco”).

When Caroline is not in school, she likes to bake cookies.

Caroline is really good at dancing and drawing.

When Caroline grows up, she wants to be a teacher.



Meet: Jason                   Nickname: JJ


Sport: Basketball         Food: Chicken nuggets          

Book:  Curious George

TV Show: “Dude Perfect”      School Subject: Math

Name of Brothers: Christian (his twin) and Brian

Jason’s teacher should know that he likes Mrs. Hyche’s hairstyle!

When Jason is not in school, he likes to play with his baby brother, Brian.

Jason is really good at working in his math journal.

When Jason grows up, he wants to be a math teacher.



Meet: Kaitlyn    Nickname: KK


Sport: Cheerleading    Food: Mozzarella sticks         

Singer: Taylor Swift   Book:  Sleeping Beauty

TV Show: “Stuck in the Middle”  School Subject: Math

Name of Brother and Sister: Liam and Kelly

Kaitlyn’s teacher should know that she loves puppies because they are cute!

When Kaitlyn is not in school, she likes to go to Disney World.

Kaitlyn is really good at doing cartwheels.

When Kaitlyn grows up, she wants to be a marine biologist.



Meet: Taylor                 Nickname: Tay


Sport: Soccer               Food: Buffalo wings  

Singer: Imagine Dragons        Book:  Meet Bubble Kitty

TV Show: “Teen Titans”        School Subject: Music

Name of Sister: Ella

Taylor’s teacher should know that she sings and helps her mommy and daddy volunteer at the firehouse.

When Taylor is not in school, she likes to read and have dance parties.

Taylor is really good at listening and helping with her sister.

When Taylor grows up, she wants to be a teacher or a doctor.



Meet: Elizabeth                 Nickname: Ella


Sport: Skiing               Food: Peanut Butter and Jelly  

Singer: Justin Timberlake        Book:  Trolls

TV Show: “Descendants”        School Subject: Math

Name of Sister: Eva

Ella’s teacher should know that she writes well.

When Ella is not in school, she likes to play with her sister, Eva.

Ella is really good at skiing.

When Ella grows up, she wants to be a teacher and be kind.


Meet: Jake         Nickname: JW


Sport: Basketball         Food: Olives   

Singer: Woody Guthrie           Book:  Pokémon

TV Show: “Ninjago”                          School Subject: Math

Name of Sisters: Haley and Jayna

Jake’s teacher should know that he wants to be in a robotics club and start one if we don’t have one in his school!

When Jake is not in school, he likes to play with his hamster, build Legos, play video games, and ride his four-wheeler.

Jake is really good at building different kinds of Legos and riding his four-wheeler.

When Jake grows up, he wants to be a video game inventor.



Meet: Julia                     Nickname: Jewels


Sport: Cheerleading    Food: Ice cream         

Singer: Jo Jo Siwa      Book:  Any kind of puppy books

TV Show: “Lip Sync Battle Shorties”            School Subject: Centers

Name of Brother and Sisters: Nathaniel, Chailyn, and Samantha

Julia’s teacher should know that she has a dog named Kmera.
When Julia is not in school, she likes to watch TV.

Julia is really good at helping her mommy at home.

When Julia grows up, she wants to be a horseback rider.



Hallway Highlights!

Walking through the halls of school this month you will see there is a tremendous amount of learning taking place! Below are some pictures of different activities that are happening in our classrooms throughout the month!

Juliette made this poster with a special message for our school…

Mrs. Sweeney and Mr. Dente’s class earned gold medals for their participation and great behavior displayed during Miss Gonnelli’s gym class; they are very proud of earning this distinction!

Mrs. Docherty is teaching kindergarten students about shapes and how they can turn shapes into a collage

Mr. Joseph showing students how to use Google Earth as one of their centers in the library

Students enjoy reading time on bean bags in Mrs. Arlington’s class

Mrs. Novak readies her students for a math unit test; here, students are practicing skip counting

Kindergarten students practicing keyboarding and navigation skills in computer class with Mrs. Garofalo

A kindergartener works on writing numbers during independent work time

Students practice spelling trick word with Mrs. Horn

Mrs. Talerico’s class learn facts about penguins

Mrs. Zicopoulos’ students reflect on Martin Luther King Day


Take a virtual walk through our library! Mr. Art Frisbie, a local artist, has been busy redesigning the walls of our Library/Media Center. Mr. Frisbie also painted the treasure chest in our main lobby. He has helped transform our Library into a welcoming place for our young readers!

Congratulations to our Mind Traveler winners: Joseph Bosland and Kaylee Murphy kindergarten students and Aiden Cryan and Ryan Allen-Poole first-grade students. These students will be honored by our Board of Education at the Thursday, January 18th meeting at LH. Please join us to congratulate these young readers! At this meeting, we will also have a very special music presentation by Mrs. Battista’s and Mrs. Start’s classes. Students will be led by our music teacher, Mr. Moschella.

Kindergarten Developmental Reading Assessment has been conducted. Students that may require additional literacy support have been identified by our teachers and Mrs. Krops, Reading Specialist. Guided reading groups will begin very soon. Guided reading is an instructional method where students work in small groups as they read texts at their instructional reading level that review or enhance the skills and strategies taught during Reader’s Workshop. If your child is in need of intensive reading/literacy support, our new teacher, Miss Danielle Limoncelli, will begin working with your child. Miss Limoncelli will be approved by our Board of Education on January 18th. You will receive a letter from Miss Limoncelli letting you know that your child will be receiving services from her. Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher to receive his or her DRA level. First-Grade Developmental Reading Assessments are being conducted throughout the month of January. Please contact your child’s first-grade teacher for details.

Student Teachers: In January, Cedar Mountain will be hosting three student teachers for the spring semester. Here is an introduction to all of them:

Miss Ashley Annicaro: Miss Annicaro is a graduate student at Ithaca College studying Speech and Language Pathology. Miss Annicaro will be doing her student teaching with Mrs. Kim Gibson, Speech Pathologist. Miss Annicaro has begun working with students in speech therapy sessions under the guiding hand of Mrs. Gibson.

Miss Lori Welcome: Miss Welcome is completing her teaching degree at William  Paterson University. She will be student teaching in Mrs. Czergovits’ kindergarten classroom; she begins on Thursday, January 18th.

Miss Jennifer DeBlock: Miss DeBlock is completing her degree teaching degree at William Paterson University. She will be student teaching in Mrs. Talerico’s and Mrs. Ollert’s first-grade classroom; she begins on January 18th.

Coming up soon:

School Spirit Day: Thursday, January 18th– Wear Blue and Gold!

Board of Education Meeting: Thursday, January 18th– come to congratulate our Mind Traveler winners (see above) and see the performance of Mrs. Battista’s and Mrs. Start’s class under the direction of Mr. Moschella

 SCA Craft Night: Friday, January 19, at 6:00 pm- the cost for this program is $4.00.

 SCA Snowflake Ball- Father/Daughter Dance: Friday, February 2nd, at 6:00 pm, in the gym

SCA Meeting: Monday, February 5, 2018, at 9:30. At February’s meeting, we will have two guest teachers, Mrs. Lois Battista (grade one) and Ms. Cyndi Thomas (kindergarten), who will be teaching a guided reading group. You will be able to observe first-hand what this special instruction looks like in your child’s classroom. This will be a nice follow up to Mr. Joseph’s presentation earlier this month on how to select books for your child at home.

 Jump Rope for Heart Program: Week of February 5-9th: Jump Rope for Heart is a fundraising and physical activity program that is through the American Heart Association. It teaches children to keep fit and healthy, all while having fun and raising funds for heart disease research and education. This program allows students to raise money through their online account that can be set up through Jump Rope for Heart or accept cash and/or check donations. In return, students will receive thank you gifts from the American Heart Association. Some of the gifts include key chains, t-shirts, jump ropes and so much more! Parents can also help do their part by spreading the word about the fundraising program to family and friends or even co-workers to make donations. During Jump Rope for Heart week, students will be participating in different jump rope activities during physical education class to keep their heart healthy all while having fun! Students also have an opportunity to win prizes through a raffle during physical education class the week of Jump Rope for Heart. As a school community, we are going to try to stay educated about our heart health and promote physical activity each and every day! We are looking for parent volunteers to assist with this week-long program; if you can volunteer for any time during the week of February 5th-9th, please call the main office at: 973-764-2890.

Zufall Dental Program– Wednesday, February 7th this program is only for students who have registered their child to receive services from a dentist and hygienist. On this day, all students will be treated to a dental assembly program by Dr. Latiener’s office. We thank Mrs. Forrest, School Nurse, for organizing these two events for our school.

VTHS Key Club Winter Wonderland: Saturday, February 10th, from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, in the gym. This winter carnival is open to all preschool through third-grade students. There will be games, crafts, and other activities for your child. It’s a great indoor activity for your family!

 Thank you for partnering with all of us at Cedar Mountain to make your child’s educational experience memorable!

Rosemary Gebhardt