Dear Glen Meadow Families- Enjoy this mid-Winter edition of the Glen Meadow Blog

Congratulations to our Marking Period 2 Humanitarian Award Recipients…Enjoy reading about our stand-out students…

8th Grade:


Meet: Dylan                  


Food:  pasta, mussels, fried rice                     

Sports Activity: Soccer, Track and Field, Cross-Country, Skiing

Music: Rap                                                           

Book:  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Movie: “The Joker”                                            School Subject: Algebra

Our school should know that Dylan is very active and has lots of school spirit!

When Dylan is not in school, he likes to play soccer, run, and play video games.

Dylan is really good at telling jokes.

A career that interests Dylan is sports medicine.

Dylan aspires to attend West Point.


Meet: Megan             


Food:  ice cream                                  Sports Activity: Riding Horses

Music:  Country                                  Book:  Rough Magic

Movie: “Flicka” and “Togo”              School Subject: Art and Language Arts

Our school should know that Megan loves to help others.

When Megan is not in school, she likes to be with horses.

Megan is really good at hurdling.

A career that interests Megan is training and working with horses.

Megan aspires to be the best she can be with her horses.


7th Grade:


Meet: Gia                   


Food:  pizza, macaroni & cheese, and fruit     

Sports Activity: Field Hockey, Basketball, and participating in musicals

Music: Ariana Grande Songs                          Book:  The List by Siobhan Vivien

Movie: “The Little Mermaid”                          School Subject: Language Arts

Our school should know that Gia loves is respectful to her teachers, finishes all of her work on time and listens to directions.

When Gia is not in school, she likes to relax, shop, get her nails done, read, and clean.

Gia is really good at playing field hockey.

A career that interests Gia is being a teacher, photographer, or a make-up artist.

Gia aspires to be a wonderful person and to be a good mom when she is older.



Meet: Rick                 


Food:  Fettuccine Alfredo                             Sports Activity: Ice Hockey, Track, Snowboarding

Music: Rock and Roll                                     Book:  Holes

Movie: “Star Wars Episode 9”                       School Subject: Language Arts

Our school should know that Rick wants to go to West Point and play Ice Hockey there.

When Rick is not in school, he likes to play video games, read, skate, and practice shots for Ice Hockey.

Rick is really good at playing Ice Hockey and running.

A career that interests Rick is coding for video games.

Rick aspires to be a professional hockey player.


6th Grade:


Meet: Larry               


Food:  Mushroom Pizza Sports Activity: Baseball

Music: Classic Rock                                            Book:  The Berlin Wall Falls

Movie: “How to Train Your Dragon”             School Subject: Math and Science

Our school should know that Larry enjoys learning.

When Larry is not in school, he likes to play video games.

Larry is really good at helping his family.

A career that interests Larry is being a space engineer.

Larry aspires to help make a difference in his community.


Meet: Heath               


Food:  Pasta                                         Sports Activity: Soccer and Skiing

Music: Pop and Rock                         Book:  Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Movie: “Star Wars”                            School Subject: Science

Our school should know that Heath loves to play soccer, ski in the winter, and care for others.

When Heath is not in school, he likes to play outside and visit new places.

Heath is really good at soccer and cooking.

A career that interests Heath is being a doctor.

Heath aspires to help others feel their best.

Introducing “Meadow Musings”

“Meadow Musings”, is our student-created digital newsletter written by Mrs. Stigler’s 8th-grade Marketing and Multimedia Creations Class. Click this link to read our first edition, there’s something for everyone.  


Math Counts- National Math Club– Congratulations to our Mathletes of the Math Counts Club under the direction of Mr. Ferrara. Congratulations to Noelle Hernandez, 7th grader who took Highest School Scorer! This is the first time a 7th grader at GM has earned the highest scorer status. Congratulations to all students who competed:

Rebekah Bruesehoff

Mark Maffia

Bria RolleLouiseGravador

Samantha Vasquez

Kailey Vogel

Aidan Zackowski




Honor Roll: Congratulations to all students who have earned their name on the Glen Meadow Honor Roll for Marking Period 2. Look at upcoming editions of the Vernon Advertiser and The NJ Herald to read your name!



Count Me In: Congratulations to our Count Me In prize recipients who were present every day in the month of January! Come back later this week for pictures of our winners! Prizes will grow bigger as the second half of the year goes on!

Dom, Kaitlyn, and Austin- January Recipients

Blood drive helpers: Thank you to Mrs. Schmidt and her student helpers at our recent Blood Drive!

Pennies for Patients: Thank you to 7th grader Gia Federici, 6th grader Wyatt Piekarz, and 6th grader Jake Remington for collecting pennies for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Gia collected $380.00, Wyatt collected $100.00, and Jake donated $50.00 to the Pennies for Patients program. Jake used some of the money he earned at TREP$ to donate to this cause. Jake was inspired to donate to this worthy cause because he has had family members who have had cancer. Jake, Gia, and Wyatt serve as a positive role models at Glen Meadow! We are very proud of you, Gia, Jake, and Wyatt! Our school collected a total of $1,148.94 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!

Top Collectors of Pennies for Pennies for Patients

5th Grade Glen Meadow Experience Night: On Thursday, January 30th, several of our student leaders conducted an “experience” night for our 5th-grade friends at Lounsberry Hollow who will soon be our friends at Glen Meadow. Our students demonstrated lots of academic activities our 5th graders will experience next year. The 5th graders enjoyed touring the building, meeting some of our teachers, their new school counselor, Ms. Reagan, and interacting with their peers.









Teacher for a Day: Mrs. Mitchell’s 6th-grade students have been given the ultimate assignment…be a Teacher of a Day! Pairs of students are taking on the persona of a teacher and create lessons for the class.  Each lesson consists of a lecture on an educational topic, a game that enhances their lesson and a homework assignment that reinforces the lesson.  We have cadre of burgeoning teachers that may be classrooms in years to come!


Political Cartoons in Social Studies Class: Often many of us look at the newspaper and glance at the political cartoon for the day. Students in 6th-grade social studies are doing a deep dive with this very difficult concept. The target for this lesson is to analyze political cartoons and explain the purpose of the Monroe Doctrine during the 1800s. Students are applying skills they have learned about the Monroe Doctrine while studying political cartoons. Students work together to discuss the “I see” and the “I wonder” of each cartoon. Students are exercising their academic prowess in this higher-order thinking skill. 6th grade teachers will be measuring the growth students make throughout the year as they analyze political cartoons. Check out these political cartoons our students are reviewing…


Volleyball Tournament: Our next Volleyball Tournament will take place on Friday, February 14, at 3:00 pm. Students are encouraged to form teams, name the team, and collect $5.00 per player. Teams fill up quickly…don’t wait! 


Viking Voices: Come to the Thursday, February 20, 2020, 7:00 pm Board of Education meeting to hear the Glen Meadow Viking Voices open the Board meeting as they salute the flag and sing a few patriotic songs.


Connect for Community: “Connect for Community” is a program started by a small group of volunteers to help supplement donations to Sussex County food pantries, who continue to see demand rise annually.  Students across Sussex County have been donating items that cost $1.00 in celebration of the 100th day of the school year since 2010. The items that are donated are often items that families cannot purchase with food stamps. Glen Meadow students are collecting the following items for this worthy cause:

Grade 6: dishwashing liquid

Grade 7: individually wrapped toilet paper

Grade 8: paper towels


National Junior Honor Society: Your child will soon be receiving a special invitation from Mrs. Amato, the NJHS Adviser, to apply to be a member of the NJHS. Please see this link to read all about this program that is open to all 7th and 8th-grade students who have a cumulative GPA of 92 or above. The induction will take place on March 18th.

Marking Period 2: Grades will open on February 5th for viewing.

SCA Sponsored 6th-7th-8th Grade Hangout: Will take place on Friday, February 21, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. The cost of the dance is $5.00. Permission slips must be received in order for students to participate. As a reminder, our next SCA meeting will take place on Wednesday, February 19, at 9:30 am…we love our parent volunteers! The SCA is looking for volunteers to assist with our dance. Thanks to our families helping in any way they can! Please click here for the flyer and permission slip. 


From our Ethics Counsel Advisors Ms. Dignan-Corbutt and Mrs. MacDougall: Every Monday, a special Mindful Monday announcement is made by our advisors to help students focus one concept for the week. This week’s message for the week of February 3rd is:

This week’s Mindful Monday goal focuses on how to BE PREPARED.

It is a new month and new marking period – how do you prepare?

Here are a few tried and true ways:      

Get a good night’s sleep

Eat a good breakfast

Do your homework

Look over your notes

Go to class with the materials you need–and not ones you don’t need (yes, I am talking about cell phones and ear buds)

Focus on the task at hand

Write down your assignments and due dates

Ask for help when you need it!

Always remember… it is proper preparation that prevents poor performance!!