Dear Cedar Mountain Parents and Guardians:

It has been an honor serving as Cedar Mountain Primary School’s principal!  Your children are very fortunate to have wonderful teachers who care for and instruct the whole child. I hope the students of Cedar Mountain remember all of the wonderful activities they have participated in throughout the year school year. Thank you for a successful school year! Enjoy reading the June blog…

Meet Cedar Mountain’s June First-Grade Students of the Month

First-Grade Students on Medal Ceremony Day



Meet: Emma                                       Nickname: Em or Peanut                                  


Sport: Soccer                                       Food: Salad    

Singer: Dave Cameron                        Book:  We’re All Wonders

Movie: “The Greatest Showman”      School Subject: Art

Name of Sister and Brother: Carter and Samuel

Emma’s teacher, Mrs. Wilson, should know that Emma tries to be kind to everyone and be a friend to everyone.

When Emma is not in school, she likes to play with her Barbie dolls, go to dance classes, and cook with her mom.

Emma is really good at helping others.

When Emma grows up, she wants to be a teacher and a zookeeper.



Meet: Christopher                             Nickname: Chris                                   


Sport: Soccer                                       Food: Pizza    

Singer: Jukebox the Ghost                  Book:  26 Story Treehouse: Pirates Problems!

Movie: “Peter Rabbit”                                    School Subject: Art

Name of Brother: Charlie

Christopher’s teacher, Mrs. Start, should know that Christopher likes Mrs. Start a lot and will miss her next year.

When Christopher is not in school, he likes to practice soccer outside.

Christopher is really good at sports.

When Christopher grows up, he wants to be an electrician.



Meet: Scarlett                                     Nickname: Scar                                     


Sport: Cheerleading                            Food: Tacos    

Singer: Jo Jo Siwa                              Book:  Scooby Doo

TV Show: “Mom”                   School Subject: Math

Name of Brother: Ivan

Scarlett’s teacher, Mr. Dente, should know that Scarlett is perfect!

When Scarlett is not in school, she likes to hang out with her mom when her mom doesn’t have school work.

Scarlett is really good at math and the game Sorry.

When Scarlett grows up, she wants to be happy.



Meet: Kyle                                          Nickname: Ky                           


Sport: Football                                    Food: Popcorn

Singer: Marshmallow                          Book:  Creepy Pair of Underwear

Movie: “A Dog’s Way Home”           School Subject: Science

Name of Brother: Cole

Kyle’s teacher, Miss Chmielowiec, should know that Kyle likes to read quietly at home.

When Kyle is not in school, he likes to play outside with his brother.

Kyle is really good at playing baseball.

When Kyle grows up, he wants to be a professional baseball player.



Meet: Kassidy                                     Nickname: Sky                                     


Sport: Soccer                                       Food: Chicken

Singer: Alicia Keys                            Book:  Cat in the Hat

TV Show: “Sponge Bob Square Pants”         School Subject: Gym

Name of Brothers and Sisters: Angelica, Jonathan, Araceli, and Christian

Kassidy’s teacher, Mrs. Vanadia, should know that Kassidy loves her parents, they are nice.

When Kassidy is not in school, she likes to play on her swing set.

Kassidy is really good at helping others and being nice to everyone.

When Kassidy grows up, she wants to be a dentist.



Meet: Hailey                           Nickname: Peanut                                 


Sport: Basketball                                 Food: Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza   

Singer: Sofia Carson                           Book: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

TV Show: “Liv and Maddie”             School Subject: Math

Name of Brother: Chase

Hailey’s teacher, Mrs. Battista, should know that Hailey loves Mrs. Battista and how she teaches her.

When Hailey is not in school, she likes to play with her brother, mom and dad, and loves to dance.

Hailey is really good at dance and “acro”.

When Hailey grows up, she wants to be an artist.



Meet: Mia                                                                     


Sport: Swimming                                Food: Broccoli           

Singer: Kidz Bop                                Book:  Green Eggs and Ham

TV Show: “Blues Clues”                    School Subject: Math

Name of Brother and Sister: Anthony and Laura

Mia’s teacher, Mrs. Talerico and Mrs. Ollert, should know that Mia is good at coloring.

When Mia is not in school, she likes to play tag outside.

Mia is really good at talking in Spanish.

When Mia grows up, she wants to be a teacher.



Meet: Emily                            Nickname: Emy                                    


Sport: Gymnastics                               Food: Popcorn

Singer: Dove Cameron                       Book:  Give Please a Chance

Movie: “Guardians of the Galaxy”     School Subject: Math

Name of Brother: Arcangelo

Emily’s teacher, Mrs. Rogers, should know that Emily tries her best in school.

When Emily is not in school, she likes to play with her friends outside.

Emily is really good at dance.

When Emily grows up, she wants to be a teacher.



Meet: Sophia                                                                


Sport: Dance                                       Food: Ice Cream and Waffles

Singer: Miley Cyrus                           Book:  Junie B. Jones

TV Show: “Fuller House”                  School Subject: Writer’s Workshop

Name of Sister: Madison

Sophia’s teacher, Mrs. Hartman, should know that Sophia likes to go to South Carolina on vacation.

When Sophia is not in school, she likes to take a walk and play outside.

Sophia is really good at dancing.

When Sophia grows up, she wants to be a dance teacher.



Meet: Kiara                                        Nickname: Kiki and Keeks                               


Sport: Basketball                                 Food: Tacos    

Singer: Jo Jo Siwa                              Book:  Jo Jo Siwa, My Life Story

TV Show: “Chip and Potato”             School Subject: Math

Kiara’s teacher, Mrs. Giangrande, should know that Kiara is respectful.

When Kiara is not in school, she likes to play with her friends Molly and Ava.

Kiara is really good at playing and singing.

When Kiara grows up, she wants to be a mom.


Meet: James                                          Nickname: B-Guy                           


Sport: Soccer                                       Food: Pizza

Group: Journey                          Book: Elephant and Piggy

Movie: “Lego Batman Movie”           School Subject: Math

Name of Sister: Anna

James’ teacher, Mrs. Barone, should know that James has some crazy moves.

When James is not in school, he likes to build with Legos, play soccer, and draw dinosaurs.

James is really good at math and drawing.

When James grows up, he wants to be an astronaut.


Meet: Ariana                                       Nickname: Ari                               


Sport: Swimming                                 Food: Tortillas   

Singer: Kim Walk                             Book: The Bible

Movie: “Momma Mia”             School Subject: Gym

Names of Sisters: Victoria, Elise, and Isabella

Ariana’s teacher, Mrs. Megnin, should know that Ariana likes to help others.

When Ariana is not in school, she likes to play on her iPad.

Ariana is really good at dance.

When Ariana grows up, she wants to be a veterinarian.

Shpero- While this word may look strange to some of you, The “Shpero” SPRK+Robot is a gyroscope-based robot that students can program/code to draw a picture, complete a maze, or anything else they can imagine. Students can program the robot’s speed, lights, and direction and many other features through the corresponding app. Cedar Mountain was able to purchase this robot with the funds raised from our Scholastic Book Fairs that have been so generously supported by our families. Here are some pictures of Mrs. Start and Mrs. Vanadia’s classes coding “Sphero”. 

First-Grade Engineering Project– As part of our science curriculum and the Next Generation Science Standards, students will imagine they are part of an engineering team. The team must help a farmer move cargo from one side of a river to another. Student groups will make a raft from materials that are available and model a simple transportation system that the farmer can use to cross the river. As a group, students are responsible to design the model raft, construct it, and add cargo. Teams of students will then test their raft and improve their design if needed. First-graders are looking forward to setting their rafts afloat on June 10th! Come back to see pictures of this event.

Readers Theater is readers reading a script adapted from literature, and the audience picturing the action from hearing the script being read aloud.  It requires no sets, costumes, props, or memorized lines.  Instead of acting out literature as in a play, the performer’s goal is to read a script aloud effectively, enabling the audience to visualize the action.  Performers bring the text alive by using voice, facial expressions, and some gestures. Here is a picture from Mrs. Barone’s class as they practice in their classroom. Click here to see a full slide show of the class practicing for the show.


Here is a video of Mrs. Barone’s class performing:


Here is Mrs. Rogers’ class performing “The Very Cranky Bear”…


Artstanding: June 7th at Lounsberry Hollow School from 5:00 to 8:00 pm- come see “A Student’s Journey Through the Arts”. This is a very special school district event for the whole family. There will be music, visual art, theatrical productions, dancing, robotics, technology, culinary creations, virtual reality, and fun for the whole family! Admission to the show is free; however, there will be a silent auction and several raffles with proceeds going to the Vernon Education Foundation. Mr. Moschella will be leading folk dancing with several first-grade classes beginning at 5:30 pm. 

Congratulations to the Vernon Township High School graduating class of 2019! Our Vernon High School seniors will be taking a “Senior Walk” through the halls of all of our schools on Tuesday, June 11, 2019! Please have your child wear his or her Class of 2030 or 2031 t-shirt to show Vernon pride! 

Kindergarten Sing Along- All kindergarten parents are invited to attend our Annual Kindergarten Sing Along to celebrate Flag Day on Friday, June 14, at 10:00 am, in the gym. All kindergarten students are encouraged to wear red-white-and-blue for this special celebration. Our students have been practicing a variety of patriotic songs and poems, you will be very impressed with our performance!

As a reminder, the last five days of school, June 12-14 and June 17-18, 2018, will be Early Dismissal days. Students will be dismissed at 1:20 pm. Students may purchase a “Grab and Go” lunch from Sodexho. Forms for these bag lunches will be sent home with your child and will also be sent through School Messenger. As a reminder, if your child is on free or reduced lunch, you must make a “Grab and Go” selection for your child on early dismissal days or one will not be prepared. Here is the “Grab and Go” form.

Kindergarten Orientation for our incoming September 2019 kindergarteners will be held at Cedar Mountain Primary School on Friday, June 14, 2019, at 2:00 pm (for students with last names beginning with A-L) and 3:00 pm (for students with last names beginning with M-Z).

Teacher Name and Bus Information for 2019-2020– As a reminder, WR, CM, RH and LH will not be placing the name of next year’s teacher at the bottom of the report card in June.  Instead, parents will be receiving a School Messenger alert notifying you to go onto Genesis to receive your child’s class placement and bus information during the week of August 19, 2019. Each building needs the time in July and August to complete the hiring process and assure that our classes are well balanced and cohesive.  Making class assignments is one of the most critical decisions a school makes – thus, we want to take the time to get it just right. Thank you for your understanding.

Scholastic Summer Reading Program: The Scholastic Read-a-Palooza Summer Reading Challenge is a free program designed to be both educational and fun to help prevent the effects of the summer slide—the learning losses that can occur during the summer months. This is a fun way to keep your child’s reading skills strong all summer and enter the new school year on grade level. 

AND… Sparta Books Scholastic Read-A-Palooza:

Sparta Books is excited to announce our participation in the Scholastic Summer Read-A-Palooza Summer Celebration Event!  There will be a donation box at Sparta Books where you can bring your GENTLY USED or NEW children’s books.  The books you donate can be for any age between toddler and middle school – board books for toddlers, picture books or early readers for young readers, early chapter books, or chapter books geared to a middle-grade reader.  We will not be able to accept books for adult readers at this time.

For the first 50 customers who donate a MINIMUM of THREE BOOKS, there is a fun-filled packet you will receive!  It will include stickers, The Bad Guys tattoos, bookmarks, Peter H. Reynolds coloring sheets, a Graphix poster, and activity sheets featuring Clifford, Hello, Crabby, Dog Man, and Graphix!  Hurry – supplies are limited to the first FIFTY CUSTOMERS ONLY!  

There will be selfie photo props you can use to take a picture of yourself at the donation site to share with family and friends – come and have some fun while sharing the gift of reading with children in need!

The books collected will be donated to the Bridge of Books Foundation. Their mission is “to provide an ongoing source of books to underserved children throughout New Jersey in order to support the development of literacy skills and encourage a love of reading.“

Donations will be accepted at Sparta Books at 29 Theatre Center in Sparta, NJ beginning Saturday, June 1 and will continue until Sunday, June 30, 2019.  For more information on Sparta Books and their hours, please visit us at or call our store at 973-729-6200. For more information on the Bridge of Books Foundation, please visit their website at

Check out Mrs. DeSenzo, our Technology Coach, making a book donation for Cedar Mountain. Way to go Mrs. DeSenzo!!

Here is our summer reading activity sheet that will be sent home with the June report card for exiting kindergarteners. Entering first-grade students will receive a special certificate with their returned reading sheet in September 2019.

Here is our summer math activity sheet for students entering first grade and for entering second grade. This will also be sent home with your child’s June’s report card.

Here are some more math activities your child can do during the summer months to keep fresh with his or her math facts and problem-solving skills:

Online ideas-


     Username- (your child’s 5 digit student number)

     Password- math

     School code- CMps1

Xtra math- parents may register their children for free- great for math

PBS has great ideas for math fun-

Ways to include math in your everyday life-

-Play board games- these often involve counting or 1-1 correspondence

-Play card games- Each player turns over 2 cards (adds or subtracts them) highest number takes the two cards

-cook with your children to practice measuring

-Mark off the days of summer on a calendar and practice counting by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s

-Count your grocery items as you shop or put them away

-Road trip- use license plates to make math games- Each person chooses a plate.  Add up the numbers, the highest number gets a point- repeat. 

For additional summer resources please see Miss Winzer’s Media Center site for a variety of online activities.


Summer Save the Date Reminders…

  • Thursday, August 15th– Genesis letter mailed to Class of 2032 Kindergarten parents
  • Week of Monday, August 19th–  Genesis Parent Portal opens- Teacher name and bus information available
  • Back to School Night-Early September, please check the Cedar Mountain calendar throughout the summer
  • First Day of School- Wednesday, September 4th
  • Early Dismissal Days Wednesday, September 4, Thursday, September 5, and Friday, September 6, 2019, at 1:20 pm
  • September SCA meeting- Monday, September 9th, at 9:45 am
  • Fall Harvest Open House- Saturday, September 14th from 10:00 am -12:00 pm

For those students who are traveling on to Rolling Hills Primary School, I will certainly miss you; it has been wonderful getting to know all of you. Please remember to read and practice math skills every day with your parents so you will be ready for school in September. Please go to the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge , “Read-a-Palooza”, to join millions of children around the World that are logging all the minutes they are reading. Also, please consider joining the Sussex County Library System summer reading program this summer.


Rosemary Gebhardt