Dear Cedar Mountain Families,

It has been an honor serving as Cedar Mountain Primary School’s principal!  Your children are very fortunate to have wonderful teachers who care for and instruct the whole child. I hope the students of Cedar Mountain remember all of the wonderful activities they have participated in throughout the  school year. Thank you for a successful school year; we went through many changes as we transitioned from Walnut Ridge to Cedar Mountain this year!

Introducing our June First-Grade Students of the Month


Meet: Aleigha                      Nickname: Lele


Sport: Dance                                    Food: Pierogies

Singer: Meghan Trainor               Book:  Caterpillar’s Wish

TV Show: “Girl Meets World”      School Subject: Math

Name of Sister: Dylan

Aleigha’s teacher should know that she loves her class (Mrs. Battista!)

When Aleigha is not in school, she likes to do math.

Aleigha is really good at being a good friend.

When Aleigha grows up, she wants to be an Olympic dancer.



Meet: Medina                      Nickname: Dina


Sport: Gymnastics              Food: Cotton Candy

Singer: Jo Jo Siwa              Book:  Gerald and Piggy

TV Show: “Gumball”          School Subject: Art

Name of Brothers: Imran and Jusuf

Medina’s teacher should know that she wants to teach, go swimming, and take gymnastics class.

When Median is not in school, she likes to learn on her iPad.

Medina is really good at doing gymnastics.

When Medina grows up, she wants to be a good person.



Meet: Jayden                     


Sport: Football and Basketball               Food: Steak

Singer: Post Malone                                   Book:  Beast World

Movie: “Dolphin Tale”                          School Subject: Math and Gym

Jayden’s teacher should know that he really likes to learn new things and he really likes school!

When Jayden is not in school, he likes to go camping, ride his bike, and play with his friends.

Jayden is really good at playing football.

When Jayden grows up, he wants to be a football player.


Meet: Isabella                   Nickname: Bella


Sport: Softball                     Food: Salami        

Singer: Sugar Land             Book:  Llama, Llama

TV Show:  “Loud House”        School Subject: Math

Name of Brothers: Wayne and Tristan

Isabella’s teacher should know that she loves her (Mrs. Giangrande).

When Isabella is not in school, she likes to watch TV.

Isabella is really good at playing sports.

When Isabella grows up, she wants to be a doctor.


Meet: Shani


Sport: Soccer                                    Food: Ice Cream

Singer: Herself!                               Book:  Mommy’s Kiss

TV Show: “Goldbergs”                   School Subject: Reading

Name of Brother and Sister: Ean and Cailin

Shani’s teacher should know that she is getting braces.

When Shani is not in school, she likes to draw pictures.

Shani is really good at singing.

When Shani grows up, she wants to be an artist.


Meet: Mia                   Nickname: Peanut


Sport: Softball                     Food: Shrimp Alfresco        

Singer: Jo Jo Siwa              Book:  animal books

TV Channel: The Disney Channel         School Subject: Math

Name of Sister and Brothers: Briana (her twin!), DJ, and Mickey, Jr.

Mia’s teacher should know that she loves to swim.

When Mia is not in school, she likes to ride her scooter.

Mia is really good at doing gymnastics.

When Mia grows up, she wants to be a teacher’s aide.


Meet: Briana                       Nickname: Chunky Monkey


Sport: Football                    Food: BBQ Chicken          

Singer: Jake Paul               Book:  Junie B. Jones

TV Show: “Zombie Descendants”            School Subject: Everything!

Name of Sister and Brothers: Mia (her twin!), DJ, and Mickey, Jr.

Briana’s teacher should know that she loves playing pool.

When Briana is not in school, she likes to go for walks with her dog.

Briana is really good at hula hooping.

When Briana grows up, she wants to be a veterinarian.



Meet: Haydee                     


Sport: Ballet                        Food: Tacos and Refried Beans

Singer: Lady Gaga              Book:  The Book with No Pictures

TV Show: “The Voice” and “Fixer Upper”         School Subject: Writing Workshop

Name of Brothers: Andre, Riley, and Brody

Haydee’s teacher should know that when she is absent, she really doesn’t want to be out because she loves her class (Mrs. Start) so much!

When Haydee is not in school, she likes to draw, dance, cook, and bake cakes.

Haydee is really good at dancing and helping people.

When Haydee grows up, she wants to teach kids ballet.



Meet: Maya                Nickname: Miu Miu


Sport: Soccer                        Food: Tacos

Singer: The Beatles            Book:  Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up

TV Show: “Bunk’d”             School Subject: Computers

Name of Sisters: Tessa, Reese, and Drew

Maya’s teacher should know that she is nice and happy.

When Maya is not in school, she likes to play with her friends or read a book.

Maya is really good at playing soccer.

When Maya grows up, she wants to be a scientist.


Meet: Gabriella                   Nickname: Gaby


Sport: Softball                     Food: Chicken Nuggets    

TV Show: “King Julien”   

Name of Sisters and Brothers: Carol, Alana, Giana, Jesus, Julie, Javier, and Bianca

Gabriella’s teacher should know that she loves her (Mrs. Talerico and Mrs. Ollert)

When Gabriella is not in school, she likes to sing.

Gabriella is really good at creating things with Minecraft.

When Gabriella grows up, she wants to be a veterinarian or an engineer.


Meet: Gianna                       Nickname: G’s


Sport: Swimming                   Food: Pizza          

Singer: Taylor Swift               Book:  Elf on the Shelf

TV Show: “Henry Danger”            School Subject: Music

Name of Sister and Brothers: Jared, Marco, Jr., and Ebony

Gianna’s teacher should know that she likes to sing.

When Gianna is not in school, she likes to play with her brother.

Gianna is really good at dancing.

When Gianna grows up, she wants to be a teacher.

Rusty as a sleeping puppy

Rusty, our Seeing Eye Puppy in training, is part of The Seeing Eye’s 2019 calendar contest!  The calendar contest is also a fundraiser for The Seeing Eye. People can vote with as little as a $1 donation to this amazing organization.

If your child(ren) so desires, he/she can do some chores at home to earn 50 cents or even $1 to bring in toward a collective Cedar Mountain Primary School vote for Rusty!  For each $1 raised, Rusty gets 1 vote for his picture.  Please send in any donations in an envelope marked “The Seeing Eye” by Wednesday, June 20th.  

If you would like to vote and donate at home, enter this web address into your browser to go to Rusty’s voting page.  Click on the teal “Vote for Rusty” button.

Thank you for all you have done in supporting Rusty’s adventures at Cedar Mountain Primary School this year, and for taking part in the calendar fun toward a worthy cause.


Mrs. Start’s class had a very special visit from some of Vernon’s police officers who made a presentation about the work that they do every day. Captain Dan Young and Lieutenant Keith Kimkowski emphasized the importance of learning and communication and how these two important concepts help us in whatever job we do when we become grown-ups.  Students took a tour of a police car and learned about the tools a police officer uses to keep us all safe. Thank you to Captain Young and Lieutenant Kimkowski.

Publishing parties- Many classrooms are celebrating a year of writing! Classes are holding publishing parties to share stories and poems that they have written. Below are some pictures of Mrs. Gagliardi and Ms. Stefkovich’s classes reading their work to classmates.

Mrs. Novak’s Class read their original poems to their parents at a Poetry Publishing Party

Kindergarten Patriotic Sing-Along– Our Sing Along took place on Flag Day, June 14th-students learned the history of this national holiday and sang a medley of songs to celebrate our flag and country.

First-Grade Engineering Project– As part of our science curriculum and the Next Generation Science Standards, students will imagine they are part of an engineering team. The team must help a farmer move cargo from one side of a river to another. Student groups will make a raft from materials that are available and model a simple transportation system that the farmer can use to cross the river. As a group, students are responsible to design the model raft, construct it, and add cargo. Teams of students will then test their raft and improve their design if needed.

Congratulations to the Vernon Township High School graduating class of 2018! Our Vernon High School seniors will be taking a “Senior Walk” through the halls of all of our schools on Tuesday, June 19, 2018! Please have your child wear his or her Class of 2029 or 2030 t-shirt to show Vernon pride! 

As a reminder, the last five days of school, June 21-22 and June 25-27, 2018, will be Early Dismissal days. Students will be dismissed at 1:20 pm. Students may purchase a “Grab and Go” lunch from Sodexho. Forms for these bag lunches have been sent home with your child and will also be sent through School Messenger. As a reminder, if your child is on free or reduced lunch, you must make a “Grab and Go” selection for your child on early dismissal days or one will not be prepared.

Thank you to the Cedar Mountain SCA for treating our students to Italian ices on Friday, June 22! We thank the SCA for all the programs and activities it has provided our students this year. Take a look at the Cedar Mountain calendar for activities planned for next year.   Our SCA treated three classes that donated the most change during the Pounds of Pennies homeroom competition. Below are pictures of Mrs. Horn’s class, Mrs. Giangrande’s class, and Ms. Thomas’ class enjoying their pizza party. 

Project Self-Sufficiency “Journey, Opportunity on the Move” will offer onboard computer training, job search and employment assistance, case management, counseling, and access to emergency basic needs. The Winnebago will be parked in the Vernon Municipal parking lot on Monday, June 25, 2018. This open to all Vernon residents. Project Self-Sufficiency offers a wide variety of services to families and women in need. Take advantage of this community service!

Annie the Musical! All Cedar Mountain students will be going to Glen Meadow Middle School to see the musical “Annie” performed by Glen Meadow students on Monday, June 25. Please sign the permission slip sent home for your child to participate. We are really looking forward to this special day. 

Kindergarten Orientation for our incoming September 2018 kindergarteners will be held at Cedar Mountain Primary School on Monday, June 25, 2018, at 2:00 pm (for students with last names beginning with A-L) and 3:00 pm (for students with last names beginning with M-Z). In addition, I am inviting all entering kindergarten families to sign up for a time for you and your child to meet with me this summer so that we can begin our important educational partnership. This will allow us to make introductions and answer any questions you may have for the upcoming school year. Please click this link to the Cedar Mountain main page that will take you to Sign Up Genius.

Teacher Name and Bus Information for 2018-2019– As a reminder, all K-5 schools will not be placing the name of next year’s teacher at the bottom of the report card in June.  Instead, parents will be receiving a School Messenger alert notifying you to go onto Genesis to receive your child’s class placement and bus information on Monday, August 20, 2018. Each primary building needs the time in July and August to complete the hiring process and assure that our classes are well balanced and cohesive.  Making class assignments is one of the most critical decisions a school makes – thus, we want to take the time to get it just right. Thank you for your understanding with this K-5 timeline.

Image result for school bus

Save the date…

  • Thursday, August 16th– Genesis letter mailed to Class of 2031 Kindergarten parents
  • Monday, August 20th –  Genesis Parent Portal opens- Teacher name and bus information available
  • Tuesday, August 28th  – Open House 10:00- 12:00
  • Thursday, August 30th– Open House 10:00-12:00
  • Back to School Night- Wednesday, September 5th (kindergarten 3:30, 4:30; first-grade 5:30, 6:30)
  • First Day of School- Friday, September 7th
  • September SCA meeting- Monday, September 10th, at 9:30 am and 6:30 pm
  • Fall Harvest Breakfast- Saturday, September 15th from 10:00 am -12:00 pm

For those students who are traveling on to Rolling Hills Primary School, I will certainly miss you; it has been wonderful getting to know all of you. I look forward to those kindergarten students who will be entering Cedar Mountain Primary School in September. Please remember to read and practice math skills every day with your parents so you will be ready for school in September. Please go to the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge , “A Magical Summer of Reading”, to join millions of children around the World that are logging all the minutes they are reading. Also, please consider joining the Sussex County Library System summer reading program this summer called “Eyes of the Wild”. Here is a link for the Cedar Mountain Summer Reading Challenge for our entering first-grade students.

Here is some great summer math practice information from our Math Coach, Mrs. Nelson, and Math Interventionist, Mrs. Howard:

Here are some ways to include math in your everyday life:

  • Play board games- these often involve counting or 1-1 correspondence
  • Play card games- Each player turns over 2 cards (adds or subtracts them) highest number takes the two cards
  • Cook with your children to practice measuring
  • Mark off the days of summer on a calendar and practice counting by 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s
  • Count your grocery items as you shop or put them away
  • Road trip- use license plates to make math games- Each person chooses a plate.  Add up the numbers, highest number gets a point- repeat.

For additional summer resources please see Mr. Joseph’s Media Center site for a variety of online activities.

Have a safe and memorable summer!


Rosemary Gebhardt