The National Math Club, formally known as MATHCOUNTS, is a nationwide middle school math program designed to coach students in mathematical problem solving through competition. The students practice challenging math problems both individually and as teams.  Here at Glen Meadow, it is an after-school program open to any 6th, 7th, and 8th grade student.


On February 16, ten of our mathletes attended the North Central Chapter Competition where they competed against 23 other schools.  We would like to congratulate team captain, Victoria Annunziata, who was the top scorer for our school at the North Region MATHCOUNTS Competition this weekend.


In addition to Victoria Annunziata, the following students attended the competition this weekend.  The team Mathletes were: Allison Brandt, Crystina Kievit, and Christopher Wynne.  The individual Mathletes were: Anthony Abreu, Jeyss Abreu, Angelina Dagion, Daniel Lovett, Bria Rolle, and Kailey Vogel.