Good Afternoon Walnut Ridge Family!

We have had a great first two days of school at The Walnut Ridge School. With the children back in the building our school actually feels like a school again! (August was too quiet!!)

Here are some updates for you, in no particular order…

1) Monday is T-shirt Day

Please remember to dress your child in their The Walnut Ridge School t-shirt this Monday September 10 so that we can show our school pride!!

2) Forms in Genesis

When all the children come in with their t-shirts I would love to get a picture of the group and put it up on our website and school Instagram. I won’t be able to do that, however, unless you sign the digital Photo Consent Form on Genesis. If you have not completed all the forms in Genesis please do so right away. Thanks!

3) Pick Up Procedures

For those of you picking and dropping off your children from school each day, you may have noticed that our procedure changed slightly from last year. From this point forward if you are picking up your child at the end of the school day we ask that you please line up again the school in a line to sign out your child. Once you have signed out your child you can move across the path and stand against the fence. This will make pick ups more organized, faster, and safer. So far this has gone very smoothly over the first two days!

4) Mr. Mel

Many of you have noticed our new Retired Police Officer Mr. Mel patrolling the parking lot, playground, and in the school each day. We are thrilled to have Mr. Mel with us this year to help keep our school safe. In the few days he has been with us he has already gotten to know some of the parents and students and it feels like he has been with us for years. Please introduce yourself to him if you see him at the school.

5) Car Seats

Please understand that all of our students should be riding in cars with car seats. For a refresher on NJ Child Passenger Safety (CPS) please see this link. Anyone picking up or dropping off a child without a car seat endangers the safety of their child and runs the risk of getting a ticket.

6) Milestones

Around this time of year I receive a lot of questions from parents wondering if their child is reaching his or her developmental milestones. For more information on this and for a detailed checklist of milestones by year (3-years old, 4-years old, 5-years old), please click this link.

Have a great weekend and thank you for the privilege of working with your children. It is truly an honor to be with such wonderful students each day.