Good Morning Walnut Ridge!

Here are a few quick announcements as we begin the month of April!

1) Paying tuition online


As you now likely know, we have options to pay Walnut Ridge tuition online through our website. For more information on how to pay online, please see a letter from me HERE. You will also be receiving this letter in your child(ren)’s folder this week.​

2) Parent Teacher Conferences

Just a reminder that Parent Teacher Conferences will be taking place tomorrow and Thursday. By now you would have already signed up for a specific appointment time with your child(ren)’s teacher. If you need to change your time for any reason, please contact your child(ren)’s teacher or the school ASAP.  The times for Parent Teacher Conferences are 9am – 12pm1pm-3pm, and 4pm-7pm on both Wednesday and Thursday.

3) Scholastic Book Fair

As we did in the fall, we will be combining our Parent Teacher Conferences with our school’s Scholastic Book Fair. We will have many books, games, and toys all geared toward PreK students. Please stop by during the hours listed above on Wednesday or Thursday and support our school!

4) Farm Trip and Visit

On Monday, April 9 Steve Maclean from the farm at Glenwood Mountain will be visiting our PreK students to talk about life as a farmer. He will also be preparing our students for their trip to the farm on Tuesday, April 10Tuesday’s trip will be an opportunity for our students to apply what they have learned in their farm unit at school. They will see baby chicks and pigs, and learn about growing and harvesting vegetables. Get ready for some wonderful photos on our Instagram page once we return!!