Glen Meadow Middle School is pleased to announce the winners, finalists, and semi-finalists in the first 6th and 7th grade 2018 GMMS Narrative Writing Contest.  


Students selected one of three story starters and authored original narrative pieces over the course of a week, working with literacy coach Mrs. Rostami and language arts teachers: Mrs. Bailey, Mrs. Basso, Mrs. Bookholt, Mrs. Grimaldi, Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Moro, and Mrs. Schmidt.

Semi-finalist stories were initially selected by Language Arts teachers. Then a committee read the stories without student names included and selected the finalists and the winning authors


The story starters came from Scholastic Scope:

  • Getting rich was the last thing on my mind.
  • In the darkness, all I could see of the creature were its glowing tentacles and long purple teeth.
  • The Haunted Science Lab was more than just a nickname.


Click on the story title to read the original narratives written by our Glen Meadow Middle School students:


1st place author: Lauren Waschek – “Angel Number 41”

2nd place author: Keela McElduff – “Getting Rich”

3rd place author: Nicole Charuka – “The Creature in the Shadows”

Honorable Mention authors: Kaden Haw – “Chuckie Finster” and Erin McDonough – “The Regrettable Dare”

Author Finalists:

Audrey Baldwin – “Escaping the Sea Monster”

Jessica LeFort – “Billy’s Blindess”

Mariel Castro-Reynoso – “Keeping Your Head Above the Water”

Sabrina Bucknam – “Eaten by Hybrids”

Author Semi-Finalists:

Alexander Keating  – “Monster or a Dream”

Angelina Dagion – “The Little Science Creature”

Arianna Frank – “The Birthday that We Could Never Forget, Even if We Tried”

Bailey Mann – “The Haunted Science Lab”

Douglas Staley – “Becoming Rich”

Jackson O’Gureck – “The Myth of the Pacific”

Maryanna Cova-Gomez – “Halloween”

Pearse Esposito – “The Haunted Science Lab on Wrangler Street”

Sarah Goobic – “Two Hours Till 31405”

Shawn Kiernan – “The Wrath of the Half Wolf Monsters”

Thomas Amorosi – “Dead Sea Dread”

Wade Riley – “The Black Dust Monster”