Congratulations to our 2019 – 2020 Governor’s Educator of the Year (GEOY) Mrs. Giangrande and our Educational Services Professional (ESP) Ms. Green!

(Ms. Green/ Mrs. Giangrande)


As we begin our Winter break here are a few words/suggestions from our Math Coach and Reading Specialist.


Math Notes from Mrs. Battista, our Math Coach K-1


Our students participate in interactive math exploration with our Math in Focus program. The Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach uses a system of learning that incorporates physical and visual aids to build a child’s understanding of abstract topics.  A hands-on approach to understand the concepts presented makes it very fun and engaging! As we begin the second trimester of school, kindergarten parents may support their children using https://sites.google.com/vtsd.com/sbg/kindergarten/math-parent-resources-kindergarten . First grade parents are encouraged to continue supporting their children’s learning using many interactive resources at https://sites.google.com/vtsd.com/sbg/first-grade/math-parent-resources-1st-grade. Please also begin to practice basic addition and subtraction facts with your child as all strategies have been introduced throughout the first trimester of school.


CM Literacy Notes from Mrs. Krops, Reading Specialist


Kindergarten :

  • Our kindergarten students are completing Unit 1 in Fundations which is very exciting- this means they have learned all 26 letters of the alphabet! Each week your child was introduced to 2-3 new letters and practiced forming them through a variety of multisensory activities including  skywriting, finger writing and writing on whiteboards. Students were engaged in activities to practice identifying sounds in words and building up their phonological awareness skills. 
  • Kindergarten students were administered a comprehensive reading assessment before the winter break to obtain baseline data on each student as a reader. This data helps their teacher to create small reading groups for guided reading instruction- a small reading group where the teacher works on specific reading skills that will assist your child through the process of learning to read. An exciting time for our kindergarten students here at Cedar Mountain!

First Grade :

  • Our first graders are learning many new concepts during their daily word study block (Fundations). At this time they have mastered blending and segmenting 3 sound words, they can identify, read and spell words with digraphs and bonus letters and are currently learning about welded sounds. Dictation is a new skill in first grade that is practiced on a daily basis. It reinforces spelling concepts, grammar, and punctuation.
  • During guided reading and readers’ workshop lessons, students are working on decoding and comprehension strategies. Teachers read aloud daily to your children while modeling how readers use a variety of strategies to comprehend what they are reading.

Some Home TIps 

  • Have conversations with your child as you read a book together. This is a really important skill that your children work on each day at school as they discuss literal events / facts in a text and have discussions about their thoughts and ideas that are beyond the words in the text. 
  • Please visit our school’s Digital Backpack page to find many resources for practicing the Fundations word study concepts at home: http://www.vtsd.com/digital-backpack/
  • Play word games with your children- this will help to build awareness of rhyme, beginning and ending sounds in words and vocabulary.
  • Read everyday. It does not need to be all at once! Read the cereal box, a story, an email.-Just read!


I would like to wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season –  best wishes for a healthy New Year!


Ms. Piszczek

Cedar Mountain Principal