Greetings!  There has been a lot of activities taking place at Cedar Mountain since school began. This past week Mrs. Barone’s class led the pledge and sang a song for our school.  Next week Mr. Dente’s class will be our leaders!  Walk/run for our 1st grade students is being lead everyday by Mr. Hernandez, our Physical Education teacher.  Walking, running, sliding, skipping, galloping are just some of the activities included during this time!  Picture day was held on September 18th!   If your child did not have their picture taken on that day we have  a make-up picture day scheduled for October 23rd.

Incorporated into lessons this year will be the 5 Competencies of New Jersey’s Social and Emotional Learning.  Students will learn more about: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Responsible Decision-Making and Relationship Skills.  The objective of these lessons are to add to our positive school climate at Cedar Mountain and to continue in the  healthy development of our students.

On Thursday, September 19 Cedar Mountain held the Simon Sez assembly..  All students had fun and were actively engaged while at the same time learning how to be good listeners, make good choices, and be respectful.


As a reminder please remind your child how important it is to wear their seat belt on the bus.  Enjoy the beautiful weather!