October 21, 2019


In this blog I would like to talk about Kindergarten Self-Awareness Skills.  Referring to the “Parent Toolkit” there are several skills that your child should be developing at this age – keeping in mind that every child develops at their own pace.  Students at this age are developing:


  • their ability to identify feelings and what causes them.
  • their ability to identify basic emotions like happiness, sadness, feeling mad, and fear.
  • their ability to manage their emotions and how to behave accordingly
  • their ability to put into words how they are feeling.
  • their ability to distinguish between what they like and/or dislike
  • Their ability to make their own decisions


The ”Parent Toolkit” suggestions the following ideas when helping your child with their Self-Awareness Skills:

  • Get a poster, or draw one with your child, of faces with different emotions. Ask your child to identify one of the emotions on the poster and ask when he or she last felt this way and why.


  • Take opportunities everyday to help your child identify the feelings of others.
  • Many young children like to look at family photos. Take the opportunity to talk about emotions that family members are feeling in these pictures.
  • When a child shows interest in an activity or topic, it is often because they have a strength related to it. Nurture their interest by finding related activities.


If you would like additional information about your child’s developmental stages log on to Parent Toolkit.com.




Edwina Piszczek

Cedar Mountain Principal