Rolling Hills Primary School

Principal’s Blog

May, 2019


NJSLA Testing is now behind us and it is hard to believe that there are less than twenty days remaining in the school year. As you can see from the following schedule the end of the year will be a very busy time at Rolling Hills. Please take a minute to review the calendar, and make special note of both the May 24th closing and the early dismissal schedule for June 12th , 13th, 14th, 17th and 18th.  


May 23rd Ellis Island Simulation (Grade 3)


May 24th Schools Closed


May 27th –      Memorial Day – Schools Closed


May 29th Grade 2 Field Trip I (8:45 am)       


May 30th Grade 3 Field Trip (8:30 am);  Grade 2 Field Trip II (8:45am)


June 3rd RHPS Orientation (2nd Grade)


June 4th RHPS Orientation (2nd Grade);    Vernon Presentation (Grade 2)




June 5th SCA Appreciation Breakfast


June 7th               Grade 3 Field Day

June 10th Grade 4 Orientation LHMS


June 11th Senior Walk

June 12th Early Dismissal  


June 13th Early Dismissal; Mad Science Assembly (Grade 3)


June 14th Early Dismissal;  Grade 3 Marathon


June 17th Early Dismissal; Fin de Ano Fiesta


June 18th Early Dismissal – Last Day