Dear Parents, Guardians and Students:

I am pleased to share Lounsberry Hollow has gotten off to a fantastic start in the opening weeks of the new school year!  Our school is bustling with learning lessons in our classrooms and with a variety of activities outside the classroom.  For example, after school activities such as the “Above the Influence” group met last week, as the group continues to show support for promoting an Anti-Drug theme for our students.  Additionally, “K-Kids”, which is a primarily a service organization for our young people, will meet later this month.

In this month’s principal’s blog, I want to emphasize for students and parents the importance of students having good attendance at school.  Attached is an interesting chart taken from the source, “Every Day Counts”.  This chart sums up very well how much teaching and learning time is lost when your child misses 10 minutes to 60 minutes of school a day.  The chart also shows the cumulative class time lost when a student is missing 1 day every 2 weeks, 1 day a week, or 2 days a week from school.

Please partner with the Lounsberry Hollow faculty, staff, and me as we seek to improve our overall attendance by students at school this year.

Have a rewarding month of October!

Principal’s Bog Attachments


Dennis J. Mudrick