March 3, 2020


Mrs. Bross’ Class


Our class is busy tapping out the letters and sounds to make words in Unit 3 of Fundations. We also have been learning to discriminate between long vowel sounds and short vowel sounds with words like bit , bite and tap,tape.  This week in Science we have been junior weather people . Our class is keeping track of the weather each day in March to see if we have a Lion weather day or a Lamb weather day on our own weather calendars. 


      In Reading we are busy learning all about what a fiction book is. We have recognized the characters’ facial expressions and their feelings in books by Mo Willems titled” I Broke My Trunk”. The class  identified the villains in stories like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Also in Reading we continue to practice working cooperatively in our Literacy Centers,and reading with Mrs. Bross in our  guided reading groups. 

     In Writing workshop we are learning how to be a good writer and illustrator. We have been talking about using small moments in our lives to write a story like, my lost tooth and writing all about what we know a lot about, being a kindergarten student..

     Our Math lessons for Chapter 8 are focusing on numbers to 100. The students have been busy counting to 100 by 1’s ,counting by 2,s and by 5’s. We have also been using the smart board and the one hundred’s chart lesson to recognize numbers and learn all about the tens and ones of a number. The student’s are using cubes to build and compare numbers by tens and ones to determine which number is greater. They must explain how they know this by telling our class all about the tens and ones that they built for that number. 

 Finally the first week in March we will share our love for reading books. This  week we will do fun activities related to Dr. Seuss Books, like read a book called  Oh,The Places You’ll Go, or Fox In Socks. Math will be included with Ten Apples Up On Top. It will be a fun filled week of rhyming words and phrases, counting, sorting and reading books.

Mrs. Schwarz’s Class


Our class has been working very hard on becoming great readers. We have been using our strategies to help us strengthen our reading. We will begin our new unit this week on non fiction stories. It will focus on exploring, learning and discovering historic people, animals and things.


We are also excited to begin Writing Workshop! We have been talking about using our personal experiences to write stories.Our class is working hard on their first story, which will focus on small moments in their lives.


Kindness has been a major theme in our classroom this month. We talked about what it means to be kind and how we can sprinkle kindness in our classroom daily. We then created kindness cupcakes with our kindness pledge on them. 


We are looking forward to Love of Reading week and all the activities we have planned!

Mrs. Zinni and Miss LaBar’s Class


Mrs. Zinni and Miss La Bar’s class has been busy building their math skills!  The students were excited to count by 1’s, 2’s and 5’s, using goldfish crackers as their manipulatives.  The students checked to see how many goldfish they had by counting and using tallies to check their answers.

Next blog will include the following teachers: Mrs. Giangrande, Mrs. Start and Mrs. Cummins!  


“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”  Dr Suess


Ms. Piszczek

Cedar Mountain Principal