Lounsberry Hollow School

Principal’s Blog

April 8, 2020


Dear Parents and Guardians,


I want to begin this week’s principal’s blog by expressing how grateful I am for so many of your kind words and concerns for Lounsberry Hollow’s faculty and staff the past three and half weeks.  Please be assured these words and concerns are continuously being reciprocated from our LH staff to your children and to you.


Now that we have successfully completed the first three plus weeks of providing instructional and support services to LH students online, I wanted to let you know that the LH community is responding with resolve, creativity, intelligence and compassion.  It is nice to see our school community come even further together during these challenging times.


LH’s faculty and staff made the transitions as seamless as possible.  Our teachers continue to teach with the energy, passion, commitment and creativity that are hallmarks of LH.  Our school counselors, Mrs. Moser and Mrs. Picciuto, as well as our child study team case managers, Ms. Janiszewski and Mrs. Lagas, are working hard to stay connected to students and to provide support for them through this challenging time.


I am especially proud of the majority of our students, who remain engaged in their studies.  Our young students have been understanding and patient, for the most part, despite the disruption to their lives.


I would like to use a part of this weeks principal’s message to ask for your assistance, if the below applies to your child.  A good number of LH students are not taking our “specials” (Art; Music; Instrumental Lessons; Robotics/Technology and Spanish) classes as seriously as teachers and I would like during these virtual learning weeks to date.  If applicable to your child, please remind our students of the importance, not only of our core content subjects, but of staying with it in terms of completing assignments in our “specials” courses as well.  When your children apply to a higher education school a few years from now, colleges and universities often give well-rounded students high marks when they look at the overall body of work in all subject areas during their school years.


In closing, I am deeply grateful and inspired to witness such tremendous dedication by so many LH stakeholders, not the least of whom are you, as parents and guardians, of our students in the face of these challenging times.


Please be healthy and stay safe!


Dennis J. Mudrick