Hats Off To LH Parents! 



Dear Parents and Guardians,


As we are now in the middle of week 5 of distance learning, on behalf of Lounsberry Hollow School’s faculty and staff, please allow me to offer my “hats off” thanks for all you have done to date to keep your children working on their academics, encouraging our youngsters to complete their assignments on time, and motivating our students to be positive and resilient during these challenging times, as we partner with you to build our students’ character and shape their “whole child” development during this unprecedented era.


My second “hats off’ to you, as parents and guardians, for your tremendous and tireless efforts over the past several weeks and for being “pillars of strength” during these tough times.


Thank you, kindly, for your continued determination, perseverance, and commitment, as very important stakeholders at Lounsberry Hollow.  Indeed, my “hats off” to all of you!



Be Safe and Stay Healthy!



Dennis J. Mudrick