April 22, 2020


It’s All In The Way You Look At It!


Dear Parents and Guardians,


Science is correct in its belief that humans need at least four basic elements to survive:  water; air; food and light.  It goes without saying, this virus battle is tough.  However, as Lounsberry Hollow “strong”, we continue to be grateful that all of us have access to water, air, food and light.


Much is being written about the concern for our nation’s students suffering academically, as a result of school closures and the limitations of virtual instruction.  Well, I want to focus on the idea that perhaps many of this generation are actually advanced due to the character traits being developed during these challenging times.


Some benefits which are impacting this generation of young people, include:

  • Comprehending the value of service occupations to us- our grocery workers; truck drivers; teachers; public servants; health care workers;…;
  • Learning how to “stretch” a dollar and how to live with less “stuff”;
  • Learning the trait of empathy, as we see others around us in pain and in need of assistance;
  • Developing our own creative “juices’ and reading more, writing more and perhaps, reflecting more about the beautiful things in Art and Music;
  • Treasuring increased family communication time, and the opportunity to enjoy meals together; and so on,…


At the end of these challenging weeks, our students may actually come out ahead, not behind.  I suppose, “It’s All In The Way You Look At It!”


Stay Safe and Be Healthy!



Dennis J. Mudrick