Look For The Good Week – May 11 – 15

(All printable resources/downloads will be put on Schoology on the day of the activity)


Monday, May 11


Uplift Your Family & Neighbors. Print out or make the “Look for the Good” and “You Matter” signs and tape them to the inside of your front window (you can see samples in the download). Decorate them any way you want! Invite your parents to help you and don’t forget to take a picture and email it to your teacher.



Tuesday, May 12


Give Out Kindness Cards. Print out the Kindness Cards (found in the download) and cut them out to create cards. Write a kind note on the back and give them to at least 5 people today. (Be sure to practice social distancing if you are giving them to people outside your household. For instance, you could tape one to your neighbor’s window and call them to tell them to look outside). 


Wednesday, May 13


Call a Senior or write a note to an Elderly Neighbor! Do you have any elderly neighbors or friends? Call them or write a note and ask them how they are! Have your parents drop the note off and make sure to email a copy to your teacher!  Here’s what your call/note might say:


Dear Neighbor,

  • I just wanted to make sure you are OK and have everything you need during the quarantine! Please let me know if you need anything. Stay safe and have a wonderful day!


Thursday, May 14


Start a Conversation at Dinner. Print out the Conversation Starter Cards in the download and cut them out so that you can start a friendly conversation at dinner tonight!



Friday, May 15 – Lets End the Week With Gratitude!


Write to Local Doctors & Nurses: Write thank you notes to the medical professionals who are putting their lives on the line to keep you safe. Email your notes to your teacher and we will see to it that they get dropped off at the local hospital or doctor’s office.


Dear Healthcare Hero,

I am writing this letter because you matter to me. You matter because [provide reasons why these medical workers are keeping you safe and making your life better.]

For example, [provide specific details on how medical workers protect you, even when you’re not sick. Each reason and the supporting information should be a separate paragraph. Don’t forget to mention the ways he/she is taking personal risks right now to help during a really stressful time for him/her.]

Thank you for doing these things. [Reflect on how important medical workers are to you and leave them with a powerful final thought.You Matter!

[Your Name]


Remember to share your photos and/or videos with your teachers

and view the RHPS virtual wall of gratitude!


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