2020 – 2021


Dear Cedar Mountain Parents, Guardians and Students,


Welcome to the start of a new school year! Although our opening is not a traditional opening we are looking forward to the start of our school year.  Opening day will be September 8th for our Blue team.


 Here are a few important reminders:




  • This Friday, September 4th at 5:00 pm our teachers will share their Back To School Night presentations on Schoology.  You will meet your teacher and learn about classroom procedures and expectations.




  • Please note that consistent with the New Jersey Department of Education guidance on face coverings, that while all students are required to wear face coverings, exceptions include students with a documented medical condition or disability, as reflected in an IEP that precludes the use of a face covering. Consistent with this guidance, please be aware there may be students present in school buildings and on district transportation who are unable to wear face coverings. 

(For more information on face coverings and complete list of exceptions please refer to: Update to Conditions of Learning, Health and Safety, Critical Area of Operations #5: Screening, PPE and Response to Students and Staff Presenting Symptoms” and “Critical Area of Operation #3: Transportation.https://www.nj.gov/education/reopening/updates/docs/RestartUpdate Facecoverings(80320.pdf)


  • In adhering to COVID-19 guidelines/recommendations, the VTSD has decided that there will be no items brought to school to celebrate a students’ birthday this year. This includes, but is not limited to, food items of any/all kinds, crafts, books, etc. 



  • K-1 STUDENT DROP OFF: If you are driving your child to school please follow the guidelines below:


      • Pull into the Cedar Mountain parking lot,left hand side closest to Sammis Road and park.


  • AFTER the buses leave you will be asked to drive around to the front of the school.  


      • A teacher will come to your car and take your child’s temperature.  If it is in normal range your child will then go into the school.  
      • Please note: as everyone gets accustomed to the new procedures it will take a little longer the first few weeks of school.  Thank you in advance for your patience.


  • K-1 PARENT PICK UP: If you are picking up you child after school please follow the guidelines below:


      • Student pick up will begin at 1:10 pm.  Do not line up before 1:00 pm.
      • Parents will park in the parking lot ( left hand side) next to Sammis Road.
      • Parents will line up outside the building (following social distancing protocol).
      • Bring your ID and a pen (everyday) to sign them out.
      • Your child will be brought out to you.




    • Parents should display a sign with their child’s teacher’s name (as we did at our pick-up in June) on the passenger side window.
    • Arrival – Parents should arrive at the parent parking lot (left hand side/upper lot closest to Sammis Road) no earlier than 9:35 am and wait in their cars to be directed to proceed to the main entrance driveway (the designated drop-off/unloading area) for 9:40 am arrival.
    • Dismissal – Parents should arrive at the parent parking lot (left hand side/upper lot closest to Sammis Road) no earlier than 11:55 am and wait in their cars to be directed to proceed for the 12:05 pm dismissal to the main entrance driveway (the designated pick-up/loading area).  





  •  Teachers are using the Blended Learning (BL) model of instruction.  The BL model is a teaching methodology that is done in the classroom/or online.
    • Blended Learning is a fusion of using online learning tools and traditional teaching methodology. With blended learning, teachers are not replaced by digital courseware as SumDog, Raz Kids, Newsela, or IXL, because teachers are still the primary drivers of the learning experience for students. 
    • With Blended Learning, there must be a direct connection between the content being taught and students’ digital work. In fact, this model creates an opportunity for teachers to explore new and engaging teaching methods that can provide students with access to a great deal of content at their own pace of study. 
    • Blending Learning is more than just substituting digital tools for pencil and paper. Students have the chance to dig deeper into the content to learn through discovery and problem solve. This also often involves student collaboration and discussion
    • Blended Learning has a direct connection between the content being taught. 
  • A Virtual Tour of Cedar Mountain will be posted at the end of the week.  

Pre-school is now housed in Cedar Mountain. Welcome to our preschool students, incoming kindergarten students, our 1st graders and all the new students that moved to Vernon over the summer!

Best wishes for a successful school year!

Edwina Piszczek ~ Principal

Karen Stoeckel  ~ Supervisor of Pre-K