Dear Parent(s) or Guradian,

Dear Parent(s) or Guardian:

I would just like to take a moment and offer everyone a very special “Thank You” for your continued support and understanding as we move through a very complex; but extremely successful school opening. Whether your child has opted for in person hybrid learning, or the all virtual platform, you have my assurance that the focus at Rolling Hills will always be to optimize learning. We are focusing on student learning and achievement, as well as, the social emotional growth of our students. 

For those who have elected to have their children participate in person, I am both humbled and honored that you have the faith and confidence that we will be doing everything possible to keep your child safe and healthy while in school.  

I realize the virtual learning platform brings with it a variety of different concerns and a one size fits all model is extremely hard to achieve.  The faculty and staff of Rolling Hills continue to be committed to improving lessons and activities promoting student success, participation, and engagement for those participating in the virtual platform.

I understand that the decision to start your child either all virtual or in the hybrid setting has been an extremely difficult one and some parents of our in person students, as well as, our all virtual students are already rethinking their decisions. While I believe this is a normal and expected process; I would respectfully ask that you give the process a little time. The district is committed to providing the safest learning environment for all students and our ongoing focus will be to create a learning environment which allows for optimal social distancing and the elimination of shared materials and resources between students and staff. As such, the district has established an Oct 5th date to request changes to virtual or hybrid models in order to maintain the delicate balance necessary for in person classroom instruction.