This is a brief update regarding the reconfiguration and the actual moving of furniture/boxes.


All items (furniture/boxes) have moved between the following buildings:


From Lounsberry Hollow to Glen Meadow (the upcoming grade 6)

From Cedar Mountain to Lounsberry Hollow (the upcoming grades 4 & 5)

From Rolling Hills to Lounsberry Hollow (the upcoming grades 4 & 5)


Currently, we are moving the furniture/boxes from Cedar Mountain to Rolling Hills and expect completion by the end of today (the upcoming grades 2 & 3). Next, we will move furniture/boxes from Walnut Ridge upon the conclusion of the Extended School Year and Academic Camp programs that are currently taking place in those classrooms.


We are ahead of schedule, which will give us time to fine-tune things as needed.  Also, we are still on track for installing a swing set at Lounsberry Hollow and a small section of fence at Cedar Mountain.  As each classroom is completed, we will contact teachers via phone or email, to inform them that their classrooms are ready and available to them, in the event that they want to come in for a visit.


We would like to thank our faculty and staff for all of their hard work in preparing for this undertaking.  The Construction Facilities Management students have been outstanding, as well as our district’s Grounds crew, Maintenance team, Custodians and I.T. Department.  All departments have come together in a way that has allowed this process to go as quickly and seamlessly as possible!