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Grades 2 & 3

Rolling Hills Primary School houses grades two and three. Programs
have been developed which address the specific educational needs of
our diverse student population. Since the foundation of all future learning
is established at the primary level, the curriculum emphasizes the
acquisition of basic skills through an integrated language arts approach
in conjunction with related enrichment activities. The purpose of this
approach is to encourage children to recognize the meaningful
relationship between the acquisition of knowledge and how it is applied
to daily life experiences. During the primary school years, children are
expected to develop necessary life skills such as accepting
responsibility, working as a team member, practicing healthy living habits
and acquiring a respect for oneself and others. Our fundamental goal is
to motivate, inspire and enlighten children who are beginning their
educational journey.

In order to ensure that students receive a well-rounded education, there
are opportunities provided for them to partake in an expansive school wide
enrichment program and various academic competitions. Yearly,
students participate Physical and Academic Fitness Award Programs.
Students may participate in a comprehensive instrumental program or an
award-winning violin program. Each student will perform in either the
December or May concerts. Additional services offered by the school
include: speech, adaptive physical education, physical therapy,
occupational therapy, resource center as in-class and replacement
models, and computer education.

An active School Community Association (SCA) provides many
opportunities for students and parents to participate in community
service projects such as food and clothing drives for the less fortunate.
The SCA is an integral part of many school activities such as Back to
School Night, Grandparents Day, the annual book fair and field days.
Additional fund-raising events provide monies for school assembly
programs, field trips, field day shirts, student planners and other items
that help to enrich our children’s education. Forming a partnership with
parents has proven to be most beneficial for students. The Rolling Hills
faculty and staff welcome the opportunity to expand the role of the
parent, working in conjunction with the school during the year.

It is the objective of the faculty and staff to develop in each child a sense
of compassion, creativity, and curiosity. Students at Rolling Hills will
learn to discover effective solutions that will be invaluable in managing
challenges they will encounter throughout life.

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Upcoming Events

June 2023

Monday June 12

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
RHPS Gr. 2 Orientation (session 2)

Thursday June 15 – Friday June 16

RHPS Early Dismissal Day @ 1:10 pm

Monday June 19

All Day
RHPS School/Office Closed

Tuesday June 20 – Thursday June 22

RHPS Early Dismissal @ 1:10 pm

Thursday June 22

All Day
RHPS Last Day of School
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