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Grade 9 Course Selection Sheet 2022-2023
Grade 10 Course Selection Sheet 2022-2023
Grade 11 Course Selection Sheet 2022-2023
Grade 12 Course Selection Sheet 2022-2023

General Scheduling Information


Scheduling Process


The scheduling process involves many layers and is very time consuming. It involves many people such as your child, teachers, counselors, and administrators. Each student request made in January was reviewed,  discussed and taken into consideration when building the schedule- the master schedule is student needs  based and we utilize the requests made in January to build the best schedule possible. Scheduling over 900 students may not seem difficult at first; however, we strive to offer as many classes as possible in order to provide students the ability to explore their interests while fulfilling state requirements.


8th, 9th, 10th and 11th grade students receive course recommendations at the end of the first semester. Students are encouraged to discuss recommendations with their teachers. However, any appeals to the recommendation must be addressed with the school’s administration and content Supervisor.


         Students make course requests online and then have a follow-up meeting with their counselors based on: graduation requirements, teacher recommendations, prerequisites, student interests, and future plans. Students may not request courses requiring teacher recommendation unless they have received those recommendations. If they qualify, current 9th, 10th or 11th grade students may use a waiver for honors or AP level courses (see Waiver Process).


Changes to Initial Student Course Requests

         After the course request deadline has passed (near the end of March), students may not alter their course requests. Any appeal for a course request change must be initiated in writing by the parent and requires a discussion or conference with a school counselor before being reviewed by the Subject Supervisor and Principal.


Changes to Academic Schedule and Elective Courses

Changing courses after the academic year has started can be very disruptive to a student’s schedule and may impact courses other than the primary one being adjusted. Elective course changes may not be permitted if they interfere with academic courses already scheduled. In addition, the administration may consider such factors as: minimum and maximum class size, teacher’s total student load, and physical room size and district budgetary and staffing restrictions.


Once the school year has begun, a change to a student’s schedule may be permitted for the following reasons:


  1. To resolve schedule conflicts or correct clerical errors.
  2. Child Study Team recommendation.
  3. Intervention and Referral Services Team (IRST) or 504 Committee recommendation.
  4. Teacher, subject supervisor and counselor agree that the selection of a course was inappropriate due to indicators such as previous coursework, standardized test scores or classroom performance.
  5. Student repeats a course taught by the same instructor he or she has previously failed (based on staffing ability).


Students are not permitted to enter a class after 14 classroom meeting days for a full year class or 7 classroom meeting days for a semester class.


         Any request for a schedule change not fitting within the categories listed above must be initiated in writing by the parent and requires a discussion or conference with the school counselor before being reviewed by the Administration.


         Schedule changes other than for the reasons listed above will ONLY be considered after the completion of 7 school days.  Students may not be permitted to enter/drop a full-year course after 14 class-meeting days. Students may not be permitted to enter/drop a half-year, semester course after 7 class-meeting days. For any approved schedule changes, the student is responsible for completing any missed work. Appeals to decisions follow the District’s posted Procedures for Processing Concerns – ‘Chain of Command’.



         A student who withdraws from a course prior to the close of the initial marking period for that course will have no entry on his/her permanent record nor on his/her report card. In full year courses, after the close of the first marking period and prior to the close of the second marking period, a student who withdraws from a course will receive a “WP” indicating withdrawal passing or a “WF” indicating withdrawal failing. This grade will not be included in the computation of class rank. After completion of 50% of the course, the student is not permitted to withdraw. A student withdrawn due to violation of the attendance/cutting policy will receive an “AF” on his/her transcript and will not receive any course credit. This grade may be included in the computation of the GPA and class rank.


Waiver Process

In grades 9, 10, and 11, a student and his/her parents may sign a waiver to enter an Honors/Advanced Placement course.  If a student enters the course in this manner and then decides to drop the course after 1st MP, the student will receive a “WF” on his/her transcript for the Honors/AP class which was dropped.  Placement in another course will be dependent on class size and availability.  Students will only be able to sign a waiver into two (2) Honors/AP courses and must attend a mandatory meeting run by the supervisors of that discipline prior to the completion of scheduling.  Students in College Prep classes must be earning at least a “B+” (85)  in order to be eligible for a waiver.


For students who “waived” into a class or formally requested an AP or Honors class:

Students will remain in the course into which they have waived until at least the end of the 1st marking period.  The earned grades will accompany them if they switch to another level of the course.  Students who drop a class they waived into or did not alter prior to June 1st will be issued a grade of “WF”

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June 2023

Monday June 5 – Wednesday June 7

GMMS - Field Days
Monday June 5 – Wednesday June 7
GMMS - Field Days

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Monday June 5

2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
HS STEM Induction/CTE Ceremony
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CM Book Fair

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4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
RH Gr. 2 Orientation (session 1)

Tuesday June 6

6:00 am – 8:00 pm
Primary Election Polling
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HS Solo Ensemble Concert
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