Dear Parents and Guardians: 

Here are some school highlights happening at Glen Meadow Middle School…


Dear 2020: Memoirs From Middle School

Spring Musical: Our students continue to work on a Glen Meadow Original Dear 2020: Memoirs From Middle School. This musical is unique to our school, as the Glen Meadow Middle School theater students are the creators and performers of the show. “Dear 2020” centers around the emotions and feelings of our very own students during the past year. It includes music from various genres: Broadway shows, musicians, movies, and television shows, while the stories are real and from the heart. It is a reminder that We’re All In This Together and You Will Be Found because You’ve Got A Friend. It is a reminder that Any Dream Will Do, if you Think Positive even if you can’t find your Corner Of The Sky right now! Additionally, the students share their appreciation and are using this opportunity to remind adults that they are doing a Good Job, and they share in their gratitude. Keeping in mind that positivity and kindness are what unite us as a community, our musical will explore the perspective of these difficult and uncertain times through the lens of middle school students: Friends, isolation, positivity, group chats, and quarantine: Dear 2020: Memoirs From Middle School will share all of this and more. The Glen Meadow Middle School musical will be performed live on Friday, May 14, 2021. While seating is very limited, it will also be filmed so everyone can see it after it has been edited.



Special Zoom with famous author Jodi Picoult: On Thursday, May 6, Ms. Sandler’s theater students will have a rare opportunity to talk with novelist and playwright Jodi Picoult and Timothy Allen McDonald in a live Zoom, as the GM theater group prepare to perform their original musical production Dear 2020: Memoirs From Middle School. On this night, Breathe opens worldwide and releases its cast recording. These shows’ parallel themes examine the impact of the pandemic, only from two different lenses. Dear 2020, provides students’ experiences, while Breathe explores the adult realities. The GM theater group is very fortunate to be able to speak with a famous author and playwright. The students listened intently as Jodi Picoult and Timothy Allen McDonald explained how they wrote the musical about the Pandemic during the Pandemic. The GM theatre group was so surprised to listen to how their musical was so similar to the Broadway musical!



Thank a Teacher: The first week of May is Teacher Appreciation Week. GMMS teachers were treated by having an ice cream truck come to the school and selecting a sweet treat to thank them for all they do. Here’s your chance to thank a teacher, too. Honor a special teacher who deserves extra appreciation by completing out the form in this link! You will have the opportunity to tell what your teacher has done to go above and beyond during such an unconventional school year, and what makes this teacher truly special. You can nominate more than one teacher.



Congratulations to our 3rd Marking Period Honor Roll Students!

Check out the Vernon Advertiser to see the list online

Grade 6:
Jean Arrazola, Jayden Banghard, Lia Barca, Azraelle Bases, Luca Bracchi, Emma Casper, Mark Catania, John Causby, Eliana Chmielowiec, Madison Cook, Brayden Cosenza, Casey Costa, Casandra Cruz, Vanesa Curry, Jordyn Dearolf, Daniel Decker, Otto DeJager, Justin Dixon, Lake Doughty, Kaine Doyle, Kyleigh Doyle, Mary Duffy, Christina Ferry, Ava Florio, Mackenzie Gass, Andrew Geisen, Lucas Geisler, Kiehra Gerri, Danielle Getz, Brooke Giessuebel, Karina Grabowski, Michael Hevi, Kaitlyn Hordych, Sarah Horler, Kara Howell, Alexis Inoa, Hadassah Jean, Delilah Kaye, Xander Kopec, Nathaniel Kouretas, Alexandra Kovacs, Emma Lally, Noelle LoGiudice, Edward Loveland, Walter Mentone, Ardi Mersimi, Jackson Moore, Quinn O’Brien, Tristan O’Krinsky, Brody Orr, Charles Paladino, Kaitlyn Panicci, James Papandrea, Jack Paton, Tessa Pelak, Trevor Pratt, Connor Pych, Edith Roman, Matthew Rugel, Nicholas Ryerson, Adrian Savytskyy, Brayden Scheyer, Ashley Seeley, Audrey Steinbach, Zachary Stevens, Brooklynn Sybesma, Kaitlyn Van Blarcom, Robert Vazquez, Lindsey Vogel, Sierra Wagner, Ian Webb, Matthew Young.

Grade 7:
Carly Amorosi, Alina Baljak, Hailey Bennett, Thomas Benson, Kaitlyn Bohmer, Samantha Bose, Hannah Buck, Robert Burdzy, Adrianna Carter, Abigail Cawley, Garnet Cheng, Kevin Cooke, Tyler Costa, Madison Crum, Monica Curry, Karolina Czerhoniak, True DiGuiseppe, Grace Doumanis, Jamie Dreps, Analiese Drupka, Shane Dunbar, Miranda Ebbighausen, Bridget Esposito, Giovanna Fabela, Kaylee Free, Dylan Gabriele, Heath Gallant, Jeremy Garcia, Keydi Garcia-Mejia, Brooklyn Gargano, Lauren Goolsby, Daniel Gosses, Mason Heilmann, Samantha Iannelli, Caitlyn Jensen, Kayla Jurewicz, Liam Kelter, Thomas Kimball, Samantha Kimkowski, Erin King, Stephanie Longo, Maureen Lovett, Sawyer Lukasik, Antonio Martin, Avene McElduff, Juliette Miller, Conner Mitchell, Desiree Modarelli, Cailin Moran, Alexander Morroco, Ty Mountain, Julia Myers, Ava Pecoraro, Elizabeth Peek, Jessica Perry, Wyatt Piekarz, Ryleigh Pietrucha, Rachel Pietrucha, Ella Platt, Jake Remington, Teagan Ressler, Alejandrina Roman, Gabrielle Rovetto, Uriah Naomi Sacdalan, Luka Savytskyy, Olivia-Arnetta Schmick, SeanPatrick Tozzi, Jorge Troche Jr, Alexis Venezia, Dustin Wagner, Samantha Werner, Liam Wynne, Angel Zapata.

Grade 8:
Alfredo Aguilar, Sophia Avila, Colton Bates, Jaclyn Benson, James Bergacs, Melody Buccieri, Abigail Buck, Michael Causby, Christina Ciannella, Kayla Clarke, Karissa Clarke, Brooke Cordaro, Marissa DeVelez, Abigail DeYoung, Alyssa Doughty, Roman Drupka, Grace Duffy, Samantha Ellson, Cassidy Ezzo, Gia Federici, Austin Geisler, Diego Gonzalez Laureano, Reese Hamilton, Lily Henderson, Noelle Hernandez, Joshua Jean, Kasey Keating, Caden Krzyzak, Kristyn Lambrinides, Nicole Lehman, Amaya Lopez, Eluney Matallana, Kiraleigh McCafferty, Susan Mentone, Abigail Mundhenk, Kaymenia O’Brien, Kaylie Orlando, Jack Paladini, Julia Paton, Callista Rieker, Gabriel Ruano, Joseph Russo, Affiah Sangare, Abigail Sokolewicz, Juda Thomas, Samantha Vasquez, Luca Vizzini, Amanda Witters, Olivia Wood, Jolie Xi, Jessica Zampino, Darius Ziabakhsh.



Frog Dissection: Mr. Sorensen’s biology students are learning about body systems. In the pictures below, you will see students learning how to dissect a frog to identify the organs of its body.



Rocket Launches in Science:

Students are learning about the Engineering Design Process in 8th-grade science.  Students learned the steps of the design process by first researching different kinds of launchers such as catapults, slingshots, and cotton ball launchers.  Next, students designed/drew a labeled picture of their launcher.  Students were very creative as they were permitted to use items that were in or outside their house. Students used items such as toilet paper rolls, plastic cups, pieces of wood, sticks from outside, elastic bands, PVC pipe, Popsicle sticks, plastic spoons, etc. Then students built their launcher and tested it.  The activity was summed up by having students reflect on their launchers and the effectiveness – what worked, what didn’t work, what you would change about your launcher.  Students really enjoyed this activity!



Therapy Dog to Visit GMMS: Buxton is a certified therapy dog and will be visiting GMMS on May 18th during all lunch periods. We are looking forward to his visit. Having therapy dogs has been a very popular event at schools across the county. We are excited to meet Buxton!



Mindfulness for Students: The Vernon Township School District has been very fortunate to have Mindfulness trainer Mindfulness is a practice of training the mind to pay attention to whatever comes up in the present moment.  In our society, children are often asked to, “pay attention”, “calm down”, “be kind”, and/or “be grateful”; yet, they’re not exactly taught how to do this.  Mindfulness and Mindful Movement can change the neuropathways of our brain allowing us the space to be responsive instead of reactive when in a triggered situation.  This is a way to help children and teens learn self-regulation, how to change their mindset from one of un-comfortability and disease to a place of control and being centered.  Below are the next installments of Mr. Thomasberger’s training for our students with the Zoom link provided:

Link for May 13th @ 3:45 – 4:30 pm      Meeting ID:  899 3207 2421   Passcode:  546673

Link for May 27th @ 3:45 – 4:30 pm      Meeting ID:  853 2730 8391   Passcode:  000754

Link for June 10th @ 3:45 – 4:30 pm      Meeting ID:  863 2742 1829   Passcode:  598394


Don’t forget that our SCA meets on the third Wednesday of every month at 9:45 am. This month we will be meeting on Wednesday, May 19, 2021, at 9:45 am, IN PERSON. The GMMS SCA will begin planning the 8th-grade dance and more.



Upcoming Events

  • GATE Showcase: Tuesday, May 27, at 6:00 pm, at GMMS
  • GMMS and VTHS Spring Concert on the VTHS football field: Wednesday, May 26, at 6:00 pm (rain date Thursday, May 27)
  • Jazz at the Flats: Wednesday, June 2, at 6:30 pm
  • Field Day will take place as follows:
    • 6th Grade: Monday, June 7, periods 5 through 9
    • 7th Grade: Tuesday, June 8, periods 5 through 9
    • 8th Grade: Wednesday, June 9, periods 5 through 9
    • Field Day rain dates: Thursday and/or Friday, June 10-11
  • 8th Grade Dance: Friday, June 11, 6:00 to 9:00 pm
  • Early Dismissal Days (12:30 pm): Monday, June 14-Friday, June 18
  • 8th Grade Advancement Ceremony: Thursday, June 17, 5:00 pm, at Macerino Stadium at VTHS
  • Last Day of School: Friday, June 18


Rosemary Gebhardt              Eric Kosek, Ed.D

Principal                           Assistant Principal