The Sussex County Library is getting ready for Summer Reading 2020!!  While the buildings are still closed to the public keeping staff and patrons safe, you can still participate online! This year’s theme is “Imagine Your Story,” and the library is busily getting the summer reading website ready and compiling reading lists that are comprised solely of material that you can borrow online with your Sussex County Library card. 

Don’t have a library card? Get ready for summer reading right now and get one online!

Summer Reading 2020, registration begins Monday June 22nd!

All children, tweens, & teens, who are Sussex County Library Cardholders, OR have a parent or guardian with a library card, are invited to register for the Summer Reading Program. Age ranges are:

Pre-K = ages 0-5 (baby to entering pre-K)

Children = ages 5-10 (entering Kindergarten to entering 3rd grade)

Tween = ages 10-13 (entering 4th grade to entering 6th grade)

Teen = ages 13-17 (entering 7th grade to 12th grade)

  1.  Register online only this year — registration begins June 22 and ends August 22.
  2.  Win points for every minute you read (or listen to an audiobook, or be read to). 1 minute       = 1 point
  3.  Points are also earned by completing missions (50 points each) and attending programs (50 points each).
  4.  Every 150 points, the participant goes up a level. With each level earned, the participant earns one more entry into the prize drawing.
  5.  The goal for completing this year’s Summer Reading program is 1,500 points.
  6.  The prizes this year are one random winner per branch, per age group (pre-K, Children, tween, teen) of an Amazon gift card.
  7. Prize winners will be notified during the week of August 24.


Adults age 18+

Adult Sussex County Library Cardholders are also invited to register for the Summer Reading Program.

  1.  Register online only from June 22-August 22.
    *Choose “Adult 2020 Imagine Your Story”
    *Must have an SCLS library card


  1. To participate, win points for each minute you read (or listen to) – 1 point per minute of reading/listening, so 60 minutes = 60 points.
  2.  For more points and more fun: complete missions (reading incentives) for 50 points and earn 50 points for each program you attend.
  3.  The participant with the most points at each branch will win a $50.00 Amazon Gift Card.
  4.  Every 150 points, the participant goes up a level. With each level earned, the participant earns one more entry into the grand prize drawing: a Samsung Galaxy Tablet.
    *All registered participants who earn at least one entry are eligible for the grand prize
    *Winner will be selected randomly
  5.  Prize winners will be notified during the week of August 24.

EARNING POINTS: if it involves reading it counts!

When you have earned 1500 points, you have completed the summer reading challenge! Every 150 points moves you up a level. With each level, you not only unlock new games, you also get an extra entry into the drawing of grand prizes! 

There are several ways you can earn points in this year’s summer reading program. 


  •  READING o 1 minute = 1 point.  
  •  When you log reading in a family account, you can choose who you’re logging the reading for. For example if you read a picture book to your 2 children, all 3 of you can log it as reading minutes.
  • Remember this also includes non-book items: newspapers and magazines, listening to.



This year Summer Reading will be entirely online through READsquared, courtesy of the New Jersey State Library. 



REGISTER:  Access Summer Reading site from the Summer Reading page on the library website. 


Click on Register Now on the right. You can register yourself (all ages) or yourself and children. 



 Provide your age first, you will register your children after registering yourself 

 All fields with a * are required 

 Once you register yourself add your children one by one 

 Choose age of child, and complete all required (*) fields 

 For children in a family account, usernames and passwords are NOT required but can be used if desired 

 Click “Continue” to go on to next child, click “Done Adding Children” 


PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to receive reading recommendations, you should know that they come from READsquared not Sussex County Library. This means that there is not necessarily a guarantee that the library will have a copy of the recommended book(s) available. 


DASHBOARD:  Once you register you’ll be taken to the dashboard. You can customize your (and your children’s) avatar. If you have a family account you can toggle between family members’ accounts with the drop down menu on the left side. 


ATTENDING PROGRAMS: All library programs will be virtual this year (Zoom, Facebook, etc). Find programs on the events calendar in READsquared AND in the events calendar on the library website (you must register to attend an event).

During the event a secret code will be revealed:

On your READsquared dashboard, under your progress bar at the top of the page, is a button that says “Enter Code”.

– Choose who to redeem the code for (if a family account) and enter the code to earn 50 points (select programs will be worth 100 points).


HELP:  If you need help with anything, ask a question with the icon on the bottom right of your screen. You can also contact the library directly or send them an email. 


Dorothy Henry branch (Vernon) (973) 827-8095 


Sussex-Wantage (Wantage) (973) 875-3940