The Vernon School District is a part of the Support our Students (SOS) initiative in the State of New Jersey. The SOS group comprises over one hundred school districts who are seeing a decrease in state aid allocated toward education. The impact in Vernon over six years is $10 million. The reduction of state aid is having a negative impact on our schools which includes a reduction in staff (teachers, administrators, custodians, etc.). In addition, our taxpayers saw an increase in taxes from the school. This was a difficult decision and one the district did not choose without much consternation.

That being said, today is the day that community members across the State of New Jersey are contacting Senate President Sweeney’s office to express how parents feel about the loss of state aid to our school district. If any of you are interested in making calls or sending an email, the following link may assist you in creating your message.

Thank you for your consideration and support.
– Karen D’Avino, Superintendent of Schools