The testing of the air at VTHS has been completed. There are no gases and no particulates in the air after testing throughout the building. The area of the room where the fire took place is sealed off. Given the above, school will be open tomorrow at VTHS. If you have any questions please e-mail superintendent DiBenedetto at adibenedetto@vtsd.com.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.
(posted 12/4 6:09pm)


Update:  From the Superintendent, Mr. DiBenedetto: The following is an update for the school community on the aftermath of Friday’s fire at the High School.

A) The High School will be closed tomorrow, Monday, December 4th.

B) All other schools in the district WILL be open as usual.

C) Only administrative staff (no secretaries), custodians, and maintenance personnel should report to work at the high school.

D) Staff who work at the high school and other buildings should report to the other buildings only. Any compensation issues will be worked out.

E) 8th-grade Geometry students who take courses at the High School should ride the Glen Meadow busses to Glen Meadow – there will be no High School busses.

F) The High School has been cleaned by professional contractors here are here today and will be at the High School again tomorrow. The damaged Science Lab will need to be totally rebuilt and room adjustments are being made.

G) Air Testing will take place Monday afternoon after all cleaning is completed.

H) Sports teams will be contacted directly by coaches if there are any activities to attend to.

I) A sincere thank you to fire fighters, police, custodial staff, and maintenance personnel for magnificent work in the clean-up. Additionally, custodial staff played a key role in containing the fire.

Superintendent of Schools, Art DiBenedetto

(posted 12/3 1:00pm)


Update: For students who were evacuated, the Coaches should be reaching out with info about how/when to pick up personal items from the High School. (posted 12/2 9:40am)

*Urgent news: At 5pm this evening a fire broke out in room 201 at the High School. Fire companies responded immediately and the fire was extinguished. Students in the building were evacuated immediately and no one was hurt. Presently there is smoke in the building and at least one room is unusable. We will keep everyone informed over the weekend about school at the high school for Monday. Also, this fire was not caused by a gas leak.

Tomorrow’s Pancake Breakfast and Cornhole Tournament will be postponed (dates TBD).


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