The follow message was just sent via our instant alert system [11/6/17 9:33am]:
So as to maintain a sense of order and safety, action has been taken on a report of a possible threat to the school and its occupants. I am putting forth a generic description for the purpose of not identifying anyone involved and that is a requirement I must respect.
All of this took place last evening into the very early morning hours. A student put forth a message on an action he was going to take at school. That action was not defined. An answer to his message from a non-student mentioned the word “shooting.” The student involved never mentioned that word but because his “action” was not defined, every precaution had to be taken.
I cannot describe the school’s handling of this matter but decisions on the situation were made with full cooperation of an excellent police department and school security personnel.
Feel free to call me personally if there are questions at 862 266-3410.
Art DiBenedetto, Supt./Director Special Services