The curriculum adopted by the Board of Education is designed to address the educational goals established for this school district and to meet the needs of pupils. The course guides prepared for each course of study describe the material to be covered in each course and, in general, the approach to be employed by the teaching staff member responsible for the course.

The Board recognizes that some deviation from the course guide is necessary to the free exchange of ideas within the classroom. Exposure to a wide range of ideas encourages the spirit of inquiry that is essential to the learning process; the thorough examination of those ideas aids pupils in developing powers of reasoning and in acquiring habits of academic discipline.

The Board directs that the discussion of any issue not specifically covered by the course guide be conducted in an unprejudiced and dispassionate manner. The Board will not condone classroom discussion that is unrelated to the educational goals of this district or to the subject of the course of study, disrupts the educational process, does not match the maturity level of the pupils, neglects to inform pupils of various responsible points of view on the subject under discussion, or fails to take into account the sensibilities of the community.

Adopted: 21 April 2005