The Board of Education recognizes the value of athletic competition and co-curricular activities outside the regular instructional program. However, with reduced or limited revenue and increased expenses, the Board must consider alternative revenue options to support these school-sponsored activities. Therefore, the Board of Education authorizes the establishment of an activity participation fee program as a supplemental revenue source contributing to a percentage of the school district’s total costs for operating school-sponsored activities.

The Activity Participation Fee Program will require each pupil participating in a school-sponsored athletic or co-curricular activity to pay a participation fee. The specific activities and fee amounts will be recommended by the Superintendent of Schools and approved by the Board on an annual basis prior to the commencement of the registration or sign-up process for the activity.

The activity participation fee shall be capped with a maximum total activity participation fee per family (dependent children residing in the same household) per school regardless of the number of activities or programs the pupils elect to participate in throughout the school year. This per family, per school, annual fee shall be paid in the beginning of the school year. No refunds shall be provided in the event a pupil in the family does not participate in any activity for any reason during the school year. The activity participation fee may be waived or reduced based on financial hardship using the New Jersey eligibility standards established for free priced meals.

Each individual activity participation fee will be determined by considering the school district’s costs for operating the activity to include, but shall not be limited to: coach/advisor salaries; equipment costs; facility rental fee costs; official/referee costs; event registration fees; school/facility/field preparation and maintenance costs; insurance costs; and other expenses incurred by the district in the operation of the activity. The activity participation fee shall be paid prior to the pupil’s participation in the activity.

A refund of the activity participation fee will only be made in the event the pupil is not accepted into the activity due to the lack of available space or opportunity within the activity (i.e. the pupil does not receive a part in a drama program production, the pupil is cut from an athletic team, it is determined the pupil is ineligible for participation in the activity due to any reason prior to participation in the activity etc.). A refund of the activity participation fee will also be provided

in the event the district does not offer the activity subsequent to the registration/sign-up process. A refund will not be provided in the event the pupil quits during the course of the activity. The Superintendent of Schools shall be authorized to approve an activity participation fee refund to a pupil for a reason(s) not listed above in extenuating circumstances.

Adopted: July 2011