The Board of Education shall approve all textbooks used in the educational program of this district. “Textbook” means the Principal source of instructional material for any given course of study, in whatever form the material may be presented, which are available or distributed to every pupil enrolled in the course of study.

The Board shall consider for approval only those textbooks that have been selected and recommended by the Superintendent.

In considering the approval of any proposed textbooks, the Board will weigh its value as a learning tool; its suitability for the maturity level and educational accomplishment of the pupils who will be using the book; its freedom from bias; its relationship to a course of study adopted by the Board; its relationship to a continuous multi-grade program; its impact on community standards of taste; the manner by which it was selected; and its cost, appearance, and durability.

The Superintendent shall develop regulations for the selection of textbooks that include effective consultation with professional staff members at all appropriate levels.

Textbooks currently in use shall be periodically evaluated for their continuing usefulness and relevance and shall be replaced or updated with new editions as often as necessary to meet the needs of pupils and the curriculum.

A list of all approved textbooks shall be maintained and revised annually by the Superintendent and made available for the use of the professional staff and for the information of members of the Board and the public.

N.J.S.A. 18A:34-1; 18A:34-2

Adopted: 21 April 2005