The Board of Education shall provide for leaves of absence, in accordance with law and the policies of this Board, for any employee of this district not otherwise covered by the terms of the negotiated agreement whose absence from duties will be required for a foreseeable event of disability such as childbirth or surgery.

An employee who anticipates disability shall so notify the Superintendent as soon as the employee is under medical supervision for the condition and a date is projected for the anticipated disability. Because of the potentially disabling nature of pregnancy and the certainty of temporary disability at parturition, the Board will presume that a pregnant employee is disabled for work thirty days before the anticipated date of childbirth and continues to be disabled for thirty days after parturition, except that any such employee who presents medical certification of her fitness may continue to work until she is actually disabled and may return to work as soon as she is able.

The Board reserves the right to require an employee who requests an extended leave of absence that includes anticipated disability to commence and/or terminate the leave at times that ensure continuity in district operations. Whenever possible, partial year leaves of absence will begin and end at divisions in the academic calendar and will cause not more than one interruption in employment continuity during the school year in which the leave is taken. No person who is required to take leave at a time other than that requested will be denied the use of sick leave for the anticipated disability that occurs or is presumed to occur during the leave.

An employee who anticipates a disability may request a leave of absence to commence before disability and to extend beyond the period of disability. Any such request shall be subject to Board discretion and the Board’s policy on leave of absence. An employee on voluntary leave of absence is not eligible for sick leave pay for disability occurring during the period of that absence.

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Adopted: 21 April 2005