The professional responsibilities of teaching staff members include such extra duties as may be assigned by the Board of Education. The Board will appoint teaching staff members to extra duty positions including, but not necessarily limited to, the positions of department chairperson, account treasurer, co-curricular activity advisor, athletic coach, monitor, and chaperone.

A teaching staff member who requests appointment to an extra duty position may be given preference over other candidates for the position. Wherever possible, the Board will fill athletic coaching positions with physical education teachers.

Any teaching staff member appointed to an extra duty position is expected to serve unless excused for extenuating circumstances. A member’s refusal to serve or resignation from extra duty service without permission may constitute an act of insubordination subject to discipline.

A teaching staff member can accrue no tenure or seniority rights in an extra duty position and is not entitled to reappointment to an extra duty position.

Performance in an extra duty position will be considered in a teacher staff member’s evaluation, in determining whether to renew a nontenured member, and in determining which of two or more tenured members with identical seniority entitlements will be retained in a reduction in force.

The Superintendent will inform the Board of extra duty positions required for the implementation of the district’s program, post notice of vacancies in those positions, and recommend appointments to those positions.

N.J.S.A. 18A:27-4

Adopted: 21 April 2005