The Board of Education recognizes that the support offered by booster clubs can benefit the school district. Because the activities of booster clubs also reflect on the district, the Board establishes guidelines for the operation of booster clubs in order to ensure that their activities assist in the attainment of district goals and objectives.

A booster club that is organized for the purpose of endorsing and supporting a school sponsored activity shall:

1. Be incorporated as a nonprofit organization;

2. Enter into a contract with this Board for the conduct of intended activities;

3. Obtain liability insurance indemnifying the Board against all suits arising from the conduct of club activities;

4. Account to the Board for all funds raised through the conduct of school related activities;

5. Utilize all funds raised through the conduct of school related activities for the benefit of school programs;

6. Certify adherence to the policies of the school district;

7. Request permission of the Board before taking any group of pupils on a trip; and

8. Obtain the approval of the Superintendent before raising funds in the name of the district.

Nothing in this policy shall be construed as the Board’s assumption of responsibility for any activity conducted by a booster club.

Adopted: 21 April 2005